10 Things To Do On A Non Park Day At Walt Disney World Resort


While at Walt Disney World we always build into our schedule at least one non park day just so that we can relax and take it easier. So what are some things that can be done on a non park day? Here is a list of 10 things that you can do besides going to the parks.

  1. Sleep in and get some much needed rest. If you are anything like us we always get to the park early, even before they open so we are up and going early. So we have at least one day that we all sleep in because it kills us to always be going every single day.
  2. Spend time at the pool. Our kids enjoy going to the pool, but they don’t like it very crowded so we try to go earlier in the day so that they can swim in a relatively empty pool.
  3. Go to one of the water parks. Going to the water park is a great option since it opens around 10 am. You don’t have to get up really early and you can have an easier morning.
  4. Go to Disney Quest. If you have kids that enjoy playing video games, you need to try Disney Quest. Tweens and Teens would love to go here.
  5. Resort Hop. Resort hopping is a great way to see other resorts. Each resort has a different theme and has lots of things to look at.
  6. Try some of the different transportation options at Walt Disney World.There are several different transportation options that you can choose to ride for free. You can go ride the monorail, take one of the resort buses or one of the boats. One of our favorite boat rides is from Downtown Disney to Port Orleans Resort.
  7. Go to Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney has some interesting shops as well as restaurants as well as some other things to do. I have even seen where they had some groups playing music.
  8. Go cane pole fishing at Port Orleans Riverside. Have you ever been cane pole fishing? Well if you haven’t you can try your hand at it at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort.
  9. Rent a Boat. There are several places where you can rent a boat at Walt Disney World. You can rent one that you can pilot or you can even rent on that is piloted for you, the choice is yours.
  10. Rent a surrey at the Boardwalk. Have you ever wanted to ride one of those bicycles that 2-5 people can ride? Well if you have you can rent them at the Boardwalk.

On your non park day you can choose any of these things to do or combine a couple of these things. I have found the number one thing to do on your non park day is get some rest. So enjoy your non park day.

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