Sofia the First on The Disney Channel

Here Ye!  Here Ye!

The Disney Channel invites you to the meet Sofia the First!

On Sunday November 18th!

Let’s meet everyone!

Sofia  – oops!  I mean Princess Sofia!  Sofia used to live in a village with her best friends  Ruby and Jade.  That is until her Mom married King Roland II, and apparently Sofia has lots to learn as a new Princess.

Queen Miranda is Sophia’s Mom.  She used to work in the village at a shoe shop.   Whenever Princess Sofia needs advice on being a Princess her Mom is always there to help.

King Roland II, The King of Enchancia is Sofia’s new Dad.   The King met Miranda at the shoe shop when he was buying new slippers.  King Roland II gave Sofia an Amulet of Avalor to welcome her to the family.

Princess Amber & Prince James – the twins and Sofia’s new siblings.  Amber is older by 7 minutes and she wears beautiful dress and tiaras.  James seems to always be getting into trouble, but is lots of fun.  James will be King someday too!

Cedric is the royal sorcerer, although his spells don’t usually work out too well.  Cedric also has a raven named Wormwood.

Then there’s Clover, Sofia’s  best friend at the castle.  Oh, and he’s a rabbit!  He’s not fond of cuddles but, boy does he love his snacks!  Clover and Sofia’s other animal friends make her  feel welcomed in her new home.

The Story Line

Sofia needs to learn how to be a Princess in time for her debut ball!  Sofia needs to overcome obstacles  from her new jealous step-sister Amber and keep Cedric from taking over the kingdom!

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