5 Ways to Save Money on Your Disney Trip

100_3133Over the years we have done many things to save money on our Walt Disney World trips. Without us saving money somehow we would never have went on our trips that we have. Here are 5 ways we have saved money on our trips to Walt Disney World.

  1. Bring our own stroller. On all of our trips so far we have always brought our own stroller and this has saved us countless amounts of money at the parks. Plus we have used our strollers at our resort and Downtown Disney as well as other places that we have visited while we were in Florida.
  2. Eat some meals in our room. We always eat breakfast in our room before we go out for the day. Then we usually eat one more meal in our room, usually dinner since we are at the parks during the day.
  3. Share counter service meals at the parks. When we do eat at the parks, I try to find something that we can share. We usually buy 3 meals to split amongst all 5 of us. We find we don’t eat as much at the parks and if we each bought a meal we would wind up throwing out almost half of it anyway. This usually does the trick but if it doesn’t we have snacks to fill up with.
  4. Bring water and snacks in with you. We always bring water and snacks in with us. When we brought our stroller in with us we also brought a soft sided cooler in the bottom of the stroller to hold our drinks and another bag to hold some snacks.
  5. Bring some souvenirs from home. I have always brought a few items to give to our kids from home. We have a Disney Store near us and when they have sales I pick  up a few items to give the kids while we are at Disney. This typically has been shirts and stuffed animals. We also let the kids get at least 1 souvenir of their choosing while we are there. Then we also buy specific things we always get each time. Like they always get a pin or two for their pin collections.

So how do you save money on your Disney trip?

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