Bet YOU did Not Know Precious Moments had THIS!

Precious Moments has some of the best Disney-themed collectibles with new items always being introduced! When I was a child, I had a caregiver who had hundreds of these collectibles but I had no idea the company offered Disney-themed items!  I was so excited when the Precious Moments company requested that The Disney Moms do a review of one of these fine Disney-themed collectibles! Always wanting to own a Precious Moments figurine, I jumped at the chance to take part.

I chose the Mary Poppins themed figurine entitled, “When You Hold My Hand, I Feel Grand“.  The item arrived very quickly.  It was very well packaged and arrived perfectly intact.  With such a delicate item being delivered through the mail, I worried that it might arrive broken or chipped.  No worries!  Arrived with all details of the figurine perfect!

The figurine has beautiful use of colors, with each color playfully working in harmony with the other colors in the palate.  The message of the figurine is written along the bottom and mirrors the gestures of the characters shown.  The music box winds from the bottom of the item.  After winding the music box, the object remains in one position (not spinning).  To better understand exactly how adorable this collectible is, see these photos!

Photos of “When You Hold My Hand, I Feel Grand

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Details of the Product:

  • Current cost $50.99
  • This imaginative musical box plays “Jolly Holiday”, from the movie, Mary Poppins
  • Figurine re-creates a favorite scene between Bert and his muse
  • It’s a glorious day for the special someone who receives this thoughtful gift
  • Resin music box is expertly crafted and hand painted. A perfect birthday gift, thank you gift, appreciation gift, and more
  • Approximately 5.5H x 5.25W x 4D inches

This is such an adorable collectible.  The music box is very sweet and relaxing to listen to.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Disney, Mary Poppins or Precious Moments!  If you love Precious Moments, be sure to check out all of their latest products.  And if you want to follow the company and see their newest products as they arrive to market, be sure to follow the company here:

Thank you again Precious Moments for offering the review!  The product is top notch and will be one I cherish for years to come!

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