9 Disney Thanksgiving Crafts & Recipes

Minnie Mickey Thanksgiving

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Here in the United States, we celebrate a special holiday in the fall called Thanksgiving. It’s a special time to remember and express gratitude for those brave men and women who left their homelands and journeyed to an unknown land. Traditional feasts serve foods similar to those that may have been prepared for another special meal long ago when the newcomers thanked the natives of this land for their kindness and generosity in teaching them how to survive in this new world.

Thanksgiving is just one week away, and my family is gearing up for a grand feast with friends and loved ones. And you know, it wouldn’t be a celebration unless we kick it up a Disney notch!

I popped over to Disney Family Fun to get a Spoonful of holiday fun, and I came up with lots of options to keep my kids and their crafty friends (I mean that in a good way, of course!) creating till the autumn sun sets.

I’ll tell you what we’re going to do:


Photo via Spoonful

First, since there will be many at our gathering, we’ll need to label all the cups. Here’s a handy printable. Just print it on sticker paper, cut it out and tack it on. If you don’t have sticker paper handy, use regular paper and tape. We may also attempt some village people (Indians and Pilgrims) to decorate the tables and hand craft some corn husk dolls like the Pilgrim children might have played with.


Photo via Spoonful

Next, dinner will take some time to prepare, so we’ve got some fun table games to pass the time. We’ll have to play Mickey checkers, of course! All that’s required is a simple printable with printer and paper, scissors, and tape. Crown me! We’ll also have turkey bowling ready, and because Thanksgiving’s not complete without a game of football, we’ve got turkey football too!


Photo via Spoonful

And finally, all the fixin’s! Our friends are being generous to provide the turkey, but we’re contributing some goodies too. Between our two families, we have to avoid certain foods like gluten and salt, but the pumpkin pleasers we found are safe to be devoured by one and all. I think we’ll try some curried pumpkin-apple soup to start, and for dessert—or snack later on—a pumpkin smoothie or pumpkin pie-sicle. Mmm-mm good!

Stop by Spoonful yourself for more holiday fun. From The Disney Moms to each of you fellow Disney fans, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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