A Visit to The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for a D23 Exhibit

On July 6, 2012 The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library welcomed the D23 for a fabulous new exhibit that will be open until April 2013.  This exhibit features artifacts from Walt Disney’s personal Collection including 12,000 square feet of cartoon sketches, costumes, storyboards and  props. There is even an exact replica of Walt Disney’s office, which is amazing  and fabulous with Reagan Oval Office up another hall. These two Presidents one of a corporation the other of The United States of America both coming from Hollywood on two different paths. The different costumes were amazing:

I think this was Cruella Devilles Dress from “101 Dalmatians”

Belle’s Costume from Broadway Musical “Beauty and the Beast”

The Original Tinkerbell Costume from Dream Disney Campaign in 2008

They also had this amazing Chest set that was Walt’s personal Chest Set.

Then they had a couple other really neat items from the 1984 Olympics.

Mickey Mouse filming 1984 Olympics with ABC

1984 Olympics Sketch sent to President Ronald Reagan

All and all it was a fun time at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for a D23 Exhibit. The next time you’re in Southern California you should definitely go visit  Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for a D23 Exhibit it’s on until April 2013 and it’s only about 45 minutes from Universal Studios so if you’re doing the whole Southern California visit; I strongly recommend it.

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