Afford Disney at under $110 per Person Per Day

If you have ever thought about planning a vacation to Disney, you might have noticed that it can be rather costly  To help you find a way to afford, consider these options to get the price down to a more reasonable rate per person.  Spaceship Earth

The Scenario to Save you Money:

Family: 4 People to include 2 adults, 2 children over 2 years old

Resort chosen: Value, specifically All Star Music

# of Days for vacation: 6 nights, 4 days in the theme parks

Transportation to Orlando: Drive the 500 miles each way in their own vehicle

Dining: The family will purchase groceries for their breakfast to save time and money. The budget will include $12 per person for lunches and $15 per person for dinners per day.  With children’s meals being $7 – $9 per meal for most locations, the adults will have additional money left to pay for their meals.of extra money for the cost of their meals.

Vacation Date: July 10 – 16, 2015

Breakdown of the Costs:

Room:   $958.24  July 10 – 16 for 6 nights booked direct at

Tickets: $1,118.00  One Park/Day Disney World Tickets at Best of Orlando (purchased from Disney direct would instead be $1,236.70, a savings of $118.70. This will not only save you the money but will also save you the time of having the purchasing the tickets at the parks.)

Transportation: $162.50 in Estimated Gas Costs = 500 miles X 2 (both ways to and from Orlando) x $3.25 per gallon with car getting 20 mpg

Food: $756 Estimated Food Cost = Total per day of $27 X 4 people X 7 days (including the day of travel)

Souvenirs: $200 Estimated at $50 per person for the entire vacation =

Total Cost of Vacation: = $3,194.72

The total for that priced vacation $3,194.72 for 6 nights, 7 days for 4 people (That would mean 1 arrival day, 1 departure day, 4 days at the parks, 1 non-park day). The cost per day for the entire family is $456.39 or $114.09 per person. There is plenty to do to stay busy on that one non-park day, read here.

Save another 5% off on your Vacation: Capture

Another great way to save is to consider buying Disney Giftcards throughout the year.  If you own a Target Redcard, you can feel free to head over to and purchase as many Disney giftcards you want and receive the 5% off of the cost.  Therefore, if you purchase giftcards to buy only the Resort stay at the All Stars, you could save $50!  You could also use those gift cards to purchase both the souvenirs (if bought from Disney!) and the food, saving close to another $50.

Assuming you are smart and use, that would bring the cost down on the vacation to $3,094.72 or $110.53 per person per day for the 7 days.

Remember too that the trip listed here could possibly be even a bit less expensive if you are able to travel on off-season dates.  The dates listed here were during a much busier timeframe, thus leading to more expensive resort costs (and longer waits at the park attractions).  Thanks for reading and be sure to comment here if you have anything to add for everyone!


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  1. 27 September, 2014 at 7:24 am

    You can also get gift cards at BJ’s at a discounted rate as well. Also, if you have a credit card that gives you any rewards (IE Disney VISA etc) then you can use that to buy the gift cards. For instance, if I buy the $958 worth of gift cards, and I use my Discover Miles credit card (bc I have to fly) Then I save 5% off the total, plus I earn 958 miles to use towards my airline ticket.

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