All Aboard!



I decided to honor my contribution to the blog about one of my favorite Disney attractions, the Walt Disney World Railroad.
My oldest daughter was elated to see the train. It looked a little different than how I remembered it before the “circus” came to Disney, but it was still tame and cute. I hadn’t been on it since I was her age (five), so I was elated to take it all in with both of my girls.
Very few people actually crowd this attraction (besides at peak and season operation heights),and it is very accessible.


The “Lily Belle,” named for Walt Disney’s wife Lillian

My daughters oohed and ahhed with delight at finally seeing Woody and Jessie in Frontierland. We had previously looked about twenty minutes for them, then had to indulge in some Riverboat relaxtion time instead, as it was simply too crowded to find them that day, preplanning and all.

It actually did us a favor to be on the railroad the same time as another family sitting in the seats ahead of ours had a web enabled phone and had a really on the minute app that let them, or “us,” ha! know when and what was busy. The wait time for it’s a small world was 10 minutes, so my party and theirs all hopped off at the new Fantasyland.

I would love to say I have a million adorable snaps of my girls on this steam engine, but the memories are just as nice. It was such a smooth cool break, with not too many people boarding or disembarking the train. Keep in mind, the day of this visit coincided with the taping of the Kelly and Michael Show, so this was with the park  at full capacity!

Ultimately we could all relax and take in the vast property of Disney, including the hidden views you see vaguely from other attractions. Snuggles and laughter ensued. There were tunnels, the classic steam whistle, the scenery; I cannot describe the magic of this hidden gem, which can be soothing for those moments when the kids get tired or cranky.

Enjoy it while you are still vacationing ( or before the refurb), or look at the unique history and reflect upon that as you board the Magical Express on your next vacation when the Train is better than ever! Choo Choo!

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