Application for the Disney Parks Moms Panel and Video

If you made it to the second round of The Disney Parks Moms Panel, they are now taking in applications! The details found in the approval to go to the second round were as follows: “The Round 2 application website will open at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, October 8, 2015. The final deadline for the answers and video is 11:59 a.m., Eastern Time on Thursday, October 15, 2015. At that time, the site will close and no more applications will be accepted.”

The Stats

According to the internet and unofficial information, the number of applicants is as follows

Round 1 – 10 – 15,000
Round 2 – Narrowed down to about 1500
Round 3 – Narrowed down further to about 120
Round 4 – Final selection of the Panel at about 20 people
My understanding is that the panelist often are panelist for 2 years, thus there are about 40 Disney Parks Moms Panelists.

My Experience

I have applied for the Disney Parks Moms Panel every single year since it began with the application window beginning in about the second week of September annually. I absolutely love answering the questions that are included in the Round 1 application process. It is fun coming up with my best answer for the questions and then, later wondering how other people might have answered the questions with more “pixie dust” when I have not made it out of Round 1. While I know I am extremely knowledgeable about Disney and the Theme Parks, I find it difficult to add pixie dust to the page without it reading awkwardly or show exactly how excited I am even to be able to apply to something as awesome as the Moms Panel!

Round 2

This year I finally got the email to let me know I had made it to Round 2. Here is what it states,

“On behalf of Disney Parks, we are happy to wish you a heartfelt “Congratulations!” on advancing to Round 2 of the selection process for the 2016 Disney Parks Moms Panel!

We appreciate you applying for the Panel and wish you the best of luck in this second round. Your passion for Disney Parks was evident in the questions you answered in Round 1 and now we are eager to learn even more about you.

Your next stage of the application process will be to answer additional essay questions and to create a short video. It is vital to be mindful of the specific guidelines for your answers and video, as deviation from those guidelines will cause your application to be disqualified.”

Honestly, I was thrill, overjoyed until I read that last paragraph stating that we needed to submit a VIDEO. Oh now. I do not like looking at photos of myself, let alone having to tape an entire video where I am talking to someone I hope will want to accept me into their team.

My Application for Round 2

I began working on the application for Round 2 at 9:13 AM (I was 13 minutes late to begin because of a delivery.) I began answering all 7 of the essay questions. I must have reread the questions 4 times before I began so I made sure that the answers I was gong to write hit all of the pieces and parts of what they were hoping we would write in our essays. After completing the questions, I decided to go ahead and start on the video. At this point, I had been working on this for 3 hours.

I tried finding software on any of my 3 computers to film a video of quality, then gave up and decided to go ahead and use my Samsung phone. I read and reread the instructions of what should be included in the video. I gathered my thoughts then began filming. I recorded it 54 times. 54. I messed up the name of the Moms Panel, begin again. I tripped over words, begin again. I mentioned I had traveled with friends, family and husbands, begin again… (I have only had the one!) I finally got it right and it was 1 minute 15 seconds. The video had to be under 1 minute, begin again. It is possible that by take 54, I was not quite as magical as I was on the first few takes.

I uploaded the video, then noticed it was over 50 mb, the limit. No what! I had to download software for compressing the video. When I watched the video in the original few versions, there was no watermark on the trial of the software, but apparently after trying to compress the video over and over and getting a 55mb result, I had gone over my “free” limit and it was stamped with their logo. AHHH. I finally figured out how to use the software and to compress it below the 50mb.

I returned to Disney’s Moms Panel site and began by uploading the video, then clicked to send it. Thankful I was complete, I got an error message! What! It said my session had timed out. I could only imagine, it had been 6 hours at this point since I began! I was able to click back and get to the page. I copied the information to word then reloaded the page. Since there is a no copy and paste rule, I retyped everything, reattached the video, then finally got it submitted. It was not until after I had everything completely done that I realized that video was stamped with the logo for the compressing company.

Here is my Disney Parks Moms Panel video for Round 2. This one is the larger file, the one without the logo included.

While I am not sure if I will make it to Round 3, I certainly had a fun day in working through the Round 2 requirements! Wish me luck! And I wish all of the other applicants luck as well on this and any future application to the Panel!

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