Ask the Disney Moms – Best Time to Travel to Disney World Around Easter

Ask the Disney MomsOur reader Elliot asked the following question:

Is the weekend before Easter weekend a crowded time to go? How about the weekdays before?

For the weekend before Easter, the crowd levels are expected to be as follows based on the scale that 1 is the best days to visit Disney World, while a 5 is the worst days to visit:

March 23 – Crowd Level 4

March 24 – Crowd Level 5

March 25 – Crowd Level 5

For the weekend of Easter:

March 29 – Crowd Level 5

March 30 – Crowd Level 5

March 31 – Crowd Level 5

And for the weekend following Easter:

April 5 – Crowd Level 4

April 6 – Crowd Level 4

April 7 – Crowd Level 3

As you can see, if you are able to wait until the weekend following Easter, you will be rewarded with shorter lines.  If that is not a good time for you to travel, you should choose to only ride the attractions which are expected to be crowded early in the morning or later at night.  Then during the day, right the attractions which typically do not accumulate longer lines.  But mostly, have a great vacation!

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