Ask The Disney Moms – cabana rental at Castaway Cay – is it worth it?

Question for The Disney Moms: We are planning a Disney Cruise. There will be 12 in our family group. I was wondering if it was a good idea to rent a cabana while we are on Castaway Cay. It might be a good place to find each other, but it also may not be worth the money. The kids range from 4 to 12 years old.

Hi and thank you for your question.

The very first thing to know is that the private cabanas only hold a maximum of 10 people.  Since there are 12 in your party, you would either need to rent 2, making it a lot more expensive or see if there are 2 people who are happy to not be included.

There are 20 325-square-foot cabanas divided between the Castaway Family Beach and Serenity Bay Beach.  On the family beach, the 16 cabanas are located on the far side of the beach, offering a little more seclusion, along with a great view of the ship from the cabana’s front deck.

Cabanas are furnished with cushioned chairs, chaise lounges, side tables and a dining table.  Also included are a lockable storage unit, outside fresh water shower and a shaded deck.  You will have a fridge full of soft drinks and water, nice soft towels and sun cream.

Cabanas can be reserved online ahead of time or at the Port Adventures desk while onboard the ship.  They will hold a maximum of 6 guests and can be rented for $499 per day.  There is a chance to add up to 4 extra people (taking it to the maximum of 10) for an extra $50 per extra guest.

I have known people who have said it was the best almost 500 bucks they ever spent, and some who felt tied to it, like they had to get their moneys worth so didn’t really leave it to explore.  Some people wouldn’t be without one, others suggest a $6 bike rental is much better value and fun.

It is also important to know that they tend to book out pretty fast, and often if you’re a first time cruiser, by the time you get your window to make reservations, there are not any left (by curci). It is always worth checking last minute cancellations though too.
Hope this helps and let us know what you chose. Either way, have an awesome holiday!!!

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