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We recently got this reader question from Kim:

“Hello there, we are a military family. Do you have any good links to good deals for active duty. Thank you.”

Kim, First I want to say thank you to your whole family for being a military family. I know being a military family is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

As a military family also ( my husband is retired) we take advantage of several deals that are out there just for military. Here are some opportunities that are available for military.


  • Disney offers discounts for the military. You can go here to find out more.
  • Shades of Green – The Shades of Green is a resort on Walt Disney World property (located near the Polynesian) specifically for DOD personal. Which includes active duty, Reserves, and DOD civilians as well as a few other categories. The cost of a room depends on your rank and there is no tax on your room. But there is a $5 parking fee per night. They do run specials throughout the year and then you can get some really awesome deals. This is where we usually stay when we go to Disney World. To find out more about the Shades of Green be sure to go here.
  • Armed Forces Vacation Club – You can rent condo’s for $369  a week. To find out more information be sure and go here.


  • Disney does offer special military discount tickets. Right now the deal is a 4 day park hopper for $156 and you can add the water park and more option for $28 more. To see all the details on this go here.  You can buy this ticket before you leave at your base ticket office, at the Shades of Green or at the ticket window at the parks.
  • You can also get special tickets at your base ticket office if you want something different from the special military promotion. I know our base sells several Disney tickets.
  • The Shades of Green also sells discount tickets if you want to buy them when you get to Orlando. By the way you do not need to be staying at the Shades of Green to buy tickets. Shades of Green sells other area attraction tickets as well, such as Legoland, Universal, as well as Dinner Theatre tickets. To see what Shades of Green has to offer be sure and go here.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to answer your question Kim. If you have a question for the Disney Mom’s be sure to ask.



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  1. Andreanne
    16 May, 2013 at 8:09 am


    First, thanks for your awesome website, it is really helpful!

    I wanted to know if the military discounts are only for US military?

    See, my husband is part of the Canadian army and I was wondering if we were
    eligible for the discounts?


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