Ask the Disney Moms – How to Deal with Allergy to Eggs at Disney Restaurants

Ask the Disney MomsOur reader, Rebecca, ask the following question:

“Ask the Disney Moms: we are going for our 1st trip to disney in a few weeks and our son is allergic to eggs…how do i find out allergen info for the restaurants at disney?? Thank you! And I love your has been very very helpful!!!”

Here was our answer as posted on Facebook:

“You can get all allergy information in Guest Services right inside angry Disney theme park. You can also get ingredient details at any restaurant.
If anyone had additional information to help out Rebecca, please comment here!”

Our readers were so kind as to post the following additional information:

  • Tammi Wise Snedeker Disney is EXTREMELY accomodating to allergies. My husband is allergic to onions which is cooked in everything. They actually cooked his food in a seperate restaurant and brought it over to ensure sage food handling with allergies. The farther in advance you tell them the better prepared they are.
  • Tonia Thornburgh If you are staying on property make sure Disney knows (if you used a travel agent tell them they will make sure to inform the proper people) But also make sure you let the greeter at the restaurants know
  • Genevieve Baxter White DEFINITELY make sure you tell them before and retell them when you arrive. They love taking care of their guests and want you to have the best, safest time possible.
  • Lisa Tinkerbelle Johnson I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. My hubby has a gluten allergy and what I did was print out all the restaurants that served gluten free food. They’re so accommodating
  • Myria Johnson If you are on the dining plan, the information can be hooked to the card for that specific person so the restaurant will always be alerted. Be sure to mention it to your hostess when you are seated. They will send a chef out to walk you through the menu and let you know which food items contain eggs.
  • Lisa Tinkerbelle Johnson This is the website I posted the wrong one and had to delete. Just go to dining etc and there you can find food allergies
  • Chrystie Wojcik Tell every restaurant and the chefs will come out to talk to you and make what you can have!!! They’re amazing!!!
  • Michele Kidd I have been to WDW and am gluten free, been there with people with: dairy allergies, vegan, peanut… they are amazingly accommodating. As everyone else has said let them know ahead if you are making dining reservations, and let your hostess and waiter/waitress know when seated. Even with quick service, you can just go up to any cast member, and they will get a chef or supervisor to personally handle your needs. They have giant allergy books you can go through if you are concerned as well.
  • Kristi Baskett My daughters have nut allergies and we talked to the manager of the restaurants. They were great at telling us what they could eat; and prepared separate things for them. I was very impressed with their knowledge.
  • Jennifer Barrella Knott Disney is fantastic when it comes to food allergies. Email and they will send you tons of info to help you prepare for your trip.
  • Samantha Urban Two of my sons are allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts and shellfish……. Ask for the chef at ANY restaurant walk up or sit down….. They will treat your child like they are the only kid in the park….. Had one chef walk my son and I around the buffet and tell us what he could have…. Then asked him if he would like anything he didn’t see…. Prepared him his own meal…. Brought him soy ice cream on the shape of Mickey …. Posed for a photo with him…… Amazing!!!! Each walk up has a binder with the ingredients listed for each item …. They treat allergy kids like GOLD. Call the Disney 407 line and have it listed on your reservation ….. If you are scheduling sit down meals let each restaurant know when you make reservation and then when you arrive for your reservation . Biggest suggestion for you is to take the small refill packs of baby wipes to wash down his hands and arms through the day after touching rails in ques and rides… Many of the kids touching them have had those Mickey ice cream,etc. and make sure you have your Epi-pens with you…… Any problems inform a cast member and they will quickly help you out. Disney on allergies isn’t impossible you just have to be extra diligent.
  • Samantha Urban Also….. Downtown Disney has a places called Babycakes ( they have a website … Google it) they have dairy free cupcakes and donuts… We bought some to keep with us in ziplock so sons always had a treat in park.
  • Sue Taylor Gemme My son is allergic to peanuts. At the restaurants where we had advanced dining reservations, the chef came out and walked us through what was safe. We ate at Kona Cafe, and we did not have adr. The waitstaff would not even let us order until we talked with the chef. At Pecos Bills, my son’s cheeseburger and fries were prepared seperately. I have heard that the restaurants in World Showcase are not necessarily Disney owned and run, so they do not always follow the same standards. Two week long visits with a now 8 year old, and we did not have a single problem.
  • Kristen Hoetzel-Go Here is a list of allergies and restaurants:

    Food allergies and intolerance can usually be accommodated easily at table servi…See More
  • Mindy LaPlante My daughter can’t have corn, soy, beans, seeds, berries, etc and the chef met with us before all sit down meals to discuss what she could/could not have. One even made her her own from scratch brownie. Just let them know ahead of time, like the ladies above mentioned, and they will be very accommodating!
  • Jaclyn Edolo My son is allergic to nuts and we just went on our first trip to Disney World two weeks ago! When I called for reservations, I made sure they knew I had a child with food allergies and we reminded each place when we checked in. They were so accommodating with food, especially the table service places. At each place a chef came out and spoke with us regarding what was safe and what was not. Most of the buffets we did had zero nuts but there was always a chance of cross contamination with bread products and desserts. One chef came out with a book of everything they serve and a check mark next to any of the top 8 allergens so we knew what it had in it. A few offered to make him whatever he wanted. The best, though, was dessert at Park Fare. Since he could not eat any of it, the chef made him his very own, very cool dessert! The looks from other children were priceless! He even made one for my little one so she would not feel left out. It was a wonderful first trip and we can’t wait to go again!
  • Jaclyn Edolo Also try for restaurant reviews and tips for traveling to WDW with food allergies
  • Karen Love We had the same question when we took my youngest. The chefs at Disney are really nice and they make sure to let you know personally about Amy allergy concerns
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    Disney is FABULOUS at dealing with allergies. When I booked our restaurant reservations they always asked and I shared our allergies with them. Each time we ate a chef came out to talk to us about what was safe and what wasn’t. Even at a buffet (which is DEFINITELY scary for me) they were very accommodating!

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