Ask the Disney Moms: Restroom Safety Tips

Question for The Disney Moms:

“My 10 yr old granddaughter and her dad are going to Disney. She is concerned about going to the bathroom alone and being alone when he goes to the bathroom. She is afraid of creepy people trying to take her away. What should she do?”

Ask the Disney Moms

The Disney Moms Answer:

Being prepared and feeling safe are important parts of enjoying your Walt Disney World vacation. Helping your granddaughter address these concerns before her vacation is a savvy way to support her and her dad on their trip.

First of all, while I consider Disney a very safe place to visit and find that most Cast Members and even other parents – especially Moms – will help when asked or if they see a need, it is smart to be alert of your surroundings and if help is needed to follow some simple rules.

  1. Pay attention. If dad and daughter will be separated for a few minutes (i.e. during bathroom breaks) they should be paying close attention to their surroundings and watching for each other. Staying off electronic devices (phones/games) is important in order to watch for each other. Knowing her dad has her attention – and is watching for her to return – will be a huge relief.
  2. Have a plan. Daughter goes into restroom first, while she is in there, dad is waiting at this specific spot. When she returns they switch. IF they get separated, then here’s the emergency plan. (Wait 5 minutes, call this cell phone #, notify a Cast Member, etc.) I also recommend they have a “code word” for emergencies.
  3. Feel secure. Be sure your granddaughter knows how to get in touch with her dad (cell phone number) and another emergency contact/number (not on vacation with them). Help her recognize what a Cast Member name tag looks like. Maybe give her an emergency whistle to wear in the parks.

There are companion restrooms located throughout the parks. These allow single access for families or individuals. The wait may be slightly longer, but they will be waiting together instead of separately. Check the park maps for companion restrooms icons.

Best wishes for their trip!

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