Ask the Disney Moms – Is The Disney Visa Worth Using?

Mindy recently wrote in to ask the following question:

“Is the Disney Visa worth having?  How much does it really save you in the long run?  How do I find out how many points it will take for purchases at Disney World?”

Thank you so much for writing Mindy!  I am glad you asked this question!

Is the card worth having?  I personally use a Disney Visa for most of my daily purchases.  I do travel to Disney often and find that the 1% in Disney Dollars is worth the effort of getting one of these cards.  I use the card’s Disney Dollars to help me pay for my Annual Pass to Disney or to help pay for my resort room.

How much does it save you in the long run? I am the writer of a book entitled, Strategies for Paying for Disney, which can be found here that is dedicated to helping you plan, save for and get to Disney.  In addition to writing the book, I also have written numerous articles featuring discussions on the uses of credit cards to help you get more for your dollar.  Here is an article I wrote to demonstrate how to review credit cards you have or want to use to see which offers the best rewards for use. This demonstration does show that while the awards are good with the Disney Visa, they could be better with other programs depending on the use of the credit card’s other features.

Per Disney’s Chase site, the card features are:

Get the most Disney out of each and every day with these special perks:

  • 0% APR Vacation Financing
  • Theme Park Perks
  • $50 Onboard Credit on a Disney Cruise
  • Disney Vacation Club® Financing
  • Unique Card Designs

You can also use your Disney Visa to help you finance your vacation and/or your Annual pass.  The details of this fantastic idea are found here.

As for the amount you need to purchase items at Disney, you can add the Disney Dollars to a reward card after you accumulate only $10!

Be sure to check out all of the Strategies for Paying articles to save you and your family loads of money on your Disney vacation!



1 comment for “Ask the Disney Moms – Is The Disney Visa Worth Using?

  1. Debbie
    25 January, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    We have had one for a long time. We accumulate as much as we can by using it as our primary card. We pay off the monthly balances, of course. We have used the rewards to pay for cruise excursions and souvenirs; last year we almost paid completely for our 10 day passes with our rewards, and this year we used them to splurge on the Fantasmic and Candlelight Processional lunch packages. There is also 10% off on select merchandise purchases of $50 & 10% off select dining locations (I keep forgetting about the dining one!) One of our favorite perks is the free photo session at Epcot with a free print. 🙂

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