Ask the Disney Moms! When is the best time to go and the best place to stay?

Ask the Disney MomsAsk The Disney Moms:

Nicole asks: Hi! I am planning our 1st Disney World trip either September 2013 or May 2014. As per the panel, what time would be the best? We are a family of 4 – 2 adults, daughter 4 and son 9 if we go this September, but 10 if we go May 2014. I was looking at the Value Resorts, but not sure on the accommodations with 2 double beds (looking for something a bit bigger). Any suggestions? We are not on a strict strict budget, but do not want to spend a ton of money. Thank you!

Hi Nicole,

Great Questions! Early May & September are great times to go to the Walt Disney World Resort. The crowds are low because kids are in school. Based on what you mentioned above, I would suggest that you visit this September. Your son will still be 9 so that will save money because at age 10, he will be considered an adult at Disney. The past several years, Free Dining has been the promotion of choice as well. Once again, saving you money.

Disney Port Orleans French Quarter Hotel Exterior

Disney Port Orleans French Quarter Hotel Exterior

My family prefers Moderate or Deluxe resorts due to the size of the rooms. My son is 4 and my daughter is 8. Value resorts have approximately 260 sq ft, double beds and a single sink vs the moderate resorts that are approximately 300-314 sq ft, queen size beds and double sinks. The extra few feet really make getting ready for bed and going to the parks less stressful.

There are also fewer rooms at the Moderate resorts vs the Value resorts. This means that you share the bus system with fewer people. We also really enjoy the pools during afternoon breaks. The pool slides, extra activities, extra room and fewer people on the bus make the moderate resorts a great choice.

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  1. Gina
    27 February, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Disney moms,

    How young do you think is too young to take your child to Disney? My husband and I love Disney. We went prior to our daughter being born and are anxious to take her. But being that we live in Central Texas, we want to make sure that if we are going to invest money into this vacation, our daughter will get something out of it. Is two years old, or even 1.5 too young?

  2. 1 December, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Out of diapers my rule

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