Ask the Disney Moms – Which Water Park for Young Children?

Ask the Disney MomsThe Disney Moms was asked the following question by Barb:

I’m a Grandma & we are taking two of our grandkids with their parents to Disney World in Oct. The kids’ ages are 2-1/2 & 5 1/2. Would a water park be enjoyable for them or are they too young?
Any tips would be appreciated!

Which Park?

As you probably know, Disney now has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.  Each is themed differently with Blizzard Beach being themed as though a freak snowstorm has hit the area while Typhoon Lagoon is themed as an area which has created a paradise after with a tropical storm.  Both have areas for smaller children to play and swim.  However, my son’s favorite (and mine) is Blizzard Beach.  The themeing at this location is just awesome, whimsical and loads of fun.

What to see for the Little Ones?

Here you will find the Tike’s Peak which offers a large variety of wading areas, slides for small children and water play.  In addition, this area has many chairs located all around the area making it nice for parents and children.  You mentioned a child aged 5, they may want to try the Ski Patrol Training Camp where there are some larger slides available.

What to Bring?

If the children in your party are not strong swimmers (or if you want to be cautious), life jackets are provided free of charge at Snowless Joes with a personal ID and a $25 refundable deposit.  You can also rent lockers from this same location.  I admit, I never rent a locker.  I instead leave everything that is valuable in my resort room.  I took a towel and some snacks with me, leaving those on a chair.  I figured if someone wanted to take those items, I would not really be too much worse for the wear!  For the must-take items such as cellphones and money, I purchased a cellphone water proofcase and used it to hold both my phone and money, keeping them dry and in my possession the whole day.  This is the one I purchased for under $12.  This is the one I purchased:

Waterproof Cellphone CaseConsidering the cost of the locker is $13, it was less costly too!  I have been to the water parks many, many times but never had anything taken from my chair.  That is not to say it will not happen though!

Getting some Downtime but Staying at the Parks

If you are concerned about the children getting too hot or needing to have some downtime, there is a restaurant at the park, Lottawatta Lodge, where you can cool off and grab some lunch.  You can also rent a Polar Patio at the theme park.  These Patios are exclusive for the whole day to the renter and include an attendant, private lockers, all day drink mugs, cooler with bottled water, comfortable lounge furniture, tables and rental towels. The Polar Lounge will accommodate up to 6 guests and costs $319.25 (tax included) for the full day (plus park admission). If interested, you can inquire at the Shade Shack location to inquire about the availability of the Polar Patios.

I am confident your grand children will have a great time.

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  1. Nana
    15 September, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you for your quick, informative response!
    We are so pumped for this trip & appreciate any input!
    Barb aka NANA

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