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Ask the Disney MomsWe recently received this question from Kari:

Question for The Disney Moms: Thanks for your help!  We are heading to Disney World for our first trip! Our large family group includes my family, my sister’s family and our mom (total of 5 adults, 5 kids (10boy, 7boy, 7boy, 4girl, 2month/old boy). We are going Feb 6-13 and are staying onsight and recognize my sister & baby will be without us a bit for baby duty…we have the mid-size meal plan.

Help! What are the tricks? What do we have to see? What should we pass up? I am a bit overwhelmed just planning for our big family! Thanks so much!

To begin, I say it best to figure what restaurant you want to eat in first.  Since you already know which parks you want to visit per day, that will help you narrow down where to eat.  I would imagine considering that you will need larger dining table accommodations in certain parks per day, most of the decisions will make themselves due to availability issues.  Get the reservations for everyone for the meal.

Once that is accomplished for the various days in the parks, you will need to get everyone’s MyDisneyExperience ready for selecting fastpasses.  This will help everyone get on their favorite attractions with less wait than if standing in the regular queue.  Once that has been accompllished, begin looking through the various park maps to decide on attractions suitable for everyone.  If traveling with the whole group, this might prove difficult.  For instance, you might have some who love dinosaurs and would find the ride Dinosaurs! in Animal Kingdom a must while the smaller children may find the attraction to be too extreme.  So, you might look through the map and find more generic attractions for everyone to experience together.  Here are a few per park:

  • Magic Kingdom – it’s a small world, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
  • EPCOT – Spaceship Earth, Soarin’
  • Hollywood Studios – Star Tours, Muppet’s Vision 3D, The Great Movie Ride
  • Animal Kingdom – Kilamajaro Safari

All of these attractions are rather tame and should not scare most age groups.

When traveling in larger groups, it can often be a bit difficult to keep everyone together.  I believe I would suggest to eat meals together but riding attractions in smaller groups to make the process more manageable.  Also, breaking up the group into smaller groups will move some of the planning responsibilities to others, making the trip planning less stressful for you:)

I know you will have a great time.  Remember, it DOES get very cold in February in Orlando!  Be sure to take scarves, gloves, hats, etc or you will be buying them from Disney once you get there!  Have fun!


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