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Cristina Margolis blogs at and has been a Disney fanatic her entire life! She has taken countless trips to the Disneyland Resort and she incorporates Disney into her family's life as much as possible. Everyone who knows her personally knows how much she loves and adores all things Disney, so it was no surprise when her husband proposed to her at Disneyland, she had a fairytale-themed wedding, and refers to her two daughters as princesses. More than anything, she loves to share her love and admiration for Disney with other Disney fans and spread that Disney magic as much as she can.

Magical Proposals at Disneyland


When most people think of Disney, words like “magic,” “fairytale,” and “happily ever after” come to mind. If you are planning on proposing to your princess (or prince) soon and would like to make it happen at Disneyland, here are…

Why She’s Daddy’s (Not Mommy’s) Little Princess


I’ve noticed that on a lot of princess merchandise, the words “Daddy’s Little Princess” are very common.  Unless it is custom made, you will hardly ever find anything that says “Mommy’s Little Princess.”  As a mother to two princesses, this…

Experience Disneyland Like A Jedi… With The Disney Visa


My family and I recently visited Disneyland and we were very excited to experience the much anticipated Star Wars Season of The Force. One of the amazing new Star Wars “must do’s” for Chase Disney Visa Cardmembers is the Imperial Meet ‘N’ Greet.

Magic Feather Parenting


Any Dumbo fan knows exactly what the Magic Feather is, as well as its importance and symbolism in the story. The Disney film was made over 70 years ago and the main character doesn’t say a single word during the entire…

Faith, Trust, and Margaret Kerry

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.25.34 PM

Last month, I was fortunate enough to attend the first annual Mouse-Con, which was a Disneyana Fan Convention held at the Hilton in Concord, California. One of the special guests I got to meet was Margaret Kerry, who was the original reference…

5 Life Lessons From Disney Characters


Once upon a time, I watched dozens and dozens of Disney animated features. I refuse to call them movies, because they are so much more than that to me. They have magic. They have charm. Most of all though, they have important…