Best length of stay at WDW when travelling from the UK

I often hear of my US friends going to WDW for the weekend, or even the day if they live close enough.
For me, as it takes the best part of a day to even get to Florida (approximately a 9.5 hour flight from London to Orlando) then I need to be there for more than a few days.

So what is the usual length of stay at Disney for someone from the UK?

This, in my opinion, is split into a 2 part answer :-
1. How long do you stay in the USA for? And,
2. How long do you spend at Disney?

For some people both answers are the same. Most people travelling from Britain to America will opt for a 2 week stay, but Orlando can be done in 1 week at a push, and some lucky people will extend their holiday to a blissful 21 days. It is often the case that if they have a 7 day trip only then it makes sense to spend the entire week on-site and just ‘do Disney’. Even with a 2 week stay a lot of people will chose this option and maybe hire a car during their stay at The World to visit other parks and parts of Orlando, very few Brits can escape the lure of Walmart and the malls, especially the outlets (gotta love that Disney outlet store, I’ve picked up some real bargains there over the years!).

If someone if fortunate enough have enough time and money to spend 3 whole glorious weeks on holiday, then they would usually travel around more. I know of people who either travel around just Florida, taking in other big cities, the coast or The Keys, or who even tie in their trip to WDW with other places in USA, with NYC and Hawaii being favourites.

These length of stays may sound extravagant when you guys in the US are used to long road trips and short visits to places.

But as I have already mentioned, it takes us a long time to get over to the US and that’s if flights are direct and on time. I spent almost 24 hours trying to get to Vegas once after connecting flights to NYC, phew! There is also the time difference to factor in. Florida is 5 hours behind the UK so this takes a few days to get used to. It is good to make the most of getting up at silly o’clock on the first few days by making sure you have early ADRs and get to the parks super early to get some great pictures and see rope drop, but it can mean you’re wiped out by dinner time. If you were only there for a few days you may never adjust to the time!

Disneyland is even worse as it is 8 hours behind. I do know some people who travel to Vegas and don’t even bother to change their watches as they can just stay on English time and play slots all through the night! Wouldn’t work quite so well at DL though.

We have always stayed for 2 weeks in Florida with at least 1 night away in St Petes but often as many as 3 or 4. The stay on the coast always depends on when the Rays are playing so we can visit Tropicanna Field.
When we return in 2014 however we’ll be coming earlier than usual for us, Febuary or March time so the season won’t have started. I’m also hoping to stay on-site for the first time too as we’ll have DD with us. And it would be really great if we could stay for 16 or 17 days, to be able to have the usual 12 days or so at The World and a nice 5 day break on the beach too …

I can dream!

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  1. devilrays98
    14 August, 2012 at 10:01 am

    About two weeks in September and October would be a great time to go.

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