Beyond the Rides at Epcot for Younger Children

Don’t even think of skipping Epcot because you think it’s not for little kids! There is lots of fun to be had for younger guests.

Beyond rides, there are many attractions which are just perfect for your little ones to enjoy at Epcot!


Remember, it’s not all about the rides! Here are the can’t miss attractions that young children will love…

Turtle Talk with Crush is a fun, interactive show located in the Living Seas pavilion at the end of The Seas With Nemo and Friends ride. The kids will meet Crush the sea turtle and have a chance to ask him questions. Crush appears on a video screen, and the entire show is improved as the kids do ask live questions. Help your little ones think of something they may want to ask Crush before they go into the theater, so they are prepared when the cast members ask for volunteers.

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Innoventions Pavilion, located in Future World East, features fun activities and exhibits including COLORTOPIA – an interactive room exploring the magic of colors – presented by Glidden. Spin color wheels, paint the walls with a magic paintbrush, and interact with the Colortopia app. Visit the Colortopia website before or after your visit for more fun.

Kidcot Fun Stops around World Showcase get the kids engaged with cast members from the different countries found around World Showcase. Each stop will have a craft table with an activity for the kids. They cast members will interact with them teaching them a few phrases and telling stories.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is perfect for older kids and tweens. This interactive game is played on your smartphone. It leads kids through the pavilions of World Showcase to find a series of clues to help Agent P from Phineas and Ferb stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his evil plans!

Epcot has a lot to offer younger kids…

There’s a lot more younger kids are sure to enjoy. Check back soon as we will explore all Epcot has to offer…

  • Rides
  • Character Dining – coming soon!
  • Special Events – coming soon!
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