How to Celebrate a Birthday at Disney World…Disney Moms Style!

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate

A while back, I became intrigued with the idea of celebrating a birthday at Disney World. I asked The Disney Moms fans on Facebook just what they did to celebrate birthdays with The Mouse, and their really answers fell into three categories: surprise them, eat with a character,  and decorate the hotel room.

My kids have chosen to celebrate their birthdays at Disney for the last 5 or 6 years, because they have May and July birthdays, and we have a thing about going to Orlando the first week of June. My middle child has celebrated his July birthday 6 weeks early since he was three. I think he actually thinks he has a birthday in June. But I admit, we don’t really do it up hugely because they are all pre-teens, and birthdays aren’t all that big of a deal. We cook a meal at the resort and they get some money to spend in the gift shops. The trip is somewhat part (ok, most) of their present.

But wow, some of you Moms are doing your kid’s birthdays up in style!! Let’s take a look at the ways some of you celebrate birthdays at Walt Disney World.

Surprise !!

They know it’s their birthday, but you plan a big surprise.

Disney Moms fan Nicole Penrose said, “We went in November of 2011, having planned secretly for months for this trip to Disney World. I even sewed a few outfits for them without letting the cat out of the bag. Halfway through their Friday at school, we picked up our kids. Our Minivan had painted on it in washable paints “Surprise! We are going to Walt Disney World! Love, Mom & Dad” The oldest read it to the youngest. They scream & hopped in the packed van. We were on our way! We arrived late Sat night. Sunday was my oldest child’s 8th birthday and our first day in the parks. We ate at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway for a late B-Day lunch. As an added bonus both of my sisters from Texas, their families, and my Mother were also there. So it was a family reunion, which was another surprise for my girls! We did breakfast at the castle one morning, the Boutique another morning. Best vacation ever!”

Disney Mom Adrienne Trent said, “We lived in WY at the time of my daughter’s 6th birthday, but had driven out to Florida to help my fiance’s mom who was going through chemo. She made a full recovery, which we’re so grateful for.  We had told our daughter that we had to wake up early on Saturday morning and go to the store to pick up her gift. She didn’t understand why we had to get up early to get it so we told her that it was a little while away, and we didn’t want to be driving all day. We were in Tampa so it was actually not that far.
So, as we are getting closer, listening to a Disney Trivia cd, I turn on the camera and start video taping. Once she saw the Disney sign, she lost it!!! We pulled a great one on her and spent the entire day and night in Disney for her birthday and then stayed in one of the Disney Hotels for the night and swam in the pool. She ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT and we will all remember it forever! Thank you, Disney, for being so magical!”

Disney Mom fan Jenny Eubanks said, “We did not tell our daughter Bailey. We got her dressed and ready for school and the family drove to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We all rode in one car still not telling untill we stop at our breakfast stop. I gave her a musical Tinkerbell car. We got a special pirate at the Caribbean Resort. We ordered a birthday in-room celebration and ordered a special cake that was shaped like Mickey’s head. We did tons of birthday things thing all week.”

Character meal!

Surprise or not, a character meal makes a great birthday gift.

Disney Mom fan Leslie Paczosa said, “My 3-year-old celebrated her 3rd there. Although we did not do BBB, she dressed as Sleeping Beauty and had breakfast with Cinderella in the castle. It’s a Birthday MUST-DO!!”

Disney Mom fan Nikki Greene said, We celebrated my son’s 3rd bday last year in Feb 2011. We stayed in the Magic Kingdom all day. We had a special lunch at the Crystal Palace, complete with a specially ordered Mickey birthday cake.  Then we made a stop at the Pirate’s League and all 3 of my kids got done up pirate style……it was a great day!”


This would also fall in with the idea of a surprise.

Disney Moms fan Mickey By Mel, who is also a writer over at Mouze, said “Both my kids celebrated their 5th, my daughter celebrated 7 and my son will celebrate 6 at Disney. They get to pick what to do the entire day, breakfast, park, lunch, dinner, rides. For the 5th Birthday the Fab 5 decorated the room (thanks Disney Florist) and they were so excited to see all the presents and decorations!”

So we’ve got moms who surprise their kids, who took them to eat with a character,  and decorated the hotel room. Here’s my favorite idea though…

Starting Traditions

Disney Mom fan Judy Jones Arnold said, “On June 17, 2009 we celebrated my sons 10th birthday exactly as we did his 1st birthday, at Disney World! For both special milestones, both sets of Grandparents were there to celebrate! My husband went and bought balloons for our room before the children woke up. We had also purchased the Happy Birthday Mouse Ears for him to wear. He was a real sport and wore them all day! During our stay in 2000, if you were there on your birthday you could get a free admission or a gift card for the same amount. We had already purchased tickets so they gave him a gift card in the equivalent of a one day admission ticket! While the rest of the family were getting ready for breakfast, my son and I collect his “gift” from Disney and went to buy Legos. After a quick shopping trip, we met at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast. All the cast members had gotten wind that he had celebrated his 1st birthday and was back to celebrate his 10th, they really doted on him.

After breakfast he chose to spend time at Blizzard Beach. That night we had supper at Whispering Canyon where he had a special birthday cake topped with Mickey Mouse. Even though he is about to be a teenager, he still talks about the fun he had on his 10th birthday. Who knows, maybe he will continue the tradition with his children one day.”

I like the idea of a tradition, and yet I don’t have the most traditional family. We ate a hot dog dinner cooked by my 4th grader last year on Christmas Eve, stayed at the Magic Kingdom until after 1 a.m. and slept in until nearly 10 Christmas Day. I have left Christmas trees up for an entire year. The year the BP oil washed up on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, I put up trees in July that stayed up for 8 months. My kids usually do not always celebrate their birthday ON their actual birthday.

But we are always together. We always make them feel special. What they will remember is not dates, but that they spent their birthday at Disney, even if it was 6 weeks before the day they were born. They will remember the snack I bought them for their birthday, even if it was 4 weeks after their actual birthday. They will remember the event.

My youngest of three children starts 5th grade next year, and I have great hope that my family will one day wind up living near Orlando. I have great hope that one day, they will tell their children of the Birthday tradition they had when they were little. If I am lucky, I will take their children to Disney to continue the Birthday tradition.

It’s funny no one mentioned a party at Goofy’s Candy co., so maybe that’s a birthday topic for another day.

Surprise them, eat with a character,  decorate the hotel room, start an annual tradition…it’s all fabulous. It’s Disney. We’re just lucky to be there.

Thanks for stopping by the Disney Moms today.

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate

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    I love the idea of decorating the hotel room! We are going in September for our first trip (first vacation ever in the 6 years hubby and I have been together!) and my son’s 5th birthday! We are going to surprise him with a cake and now we are going to decorate the room!

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