Should You Moms Pay For One of These at Disney World for Some Peace and Romance?

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate

Never once did the idea of paying a babysitter at Disney World enter my mind. Not even once. But I sort of vacation like a kid myself. I stay up crazy late, I eat cupcakes and fries for actual meals, and I ride rides and watch shows with the enthusiasm of a small child. Add that to the fact that I am incredibly cheap, and there’s no room or $$ in my vacation for a slinky evening dress, an adult dinner at a Disney Signature restaurant, with my three kids deposited into the company of a sitter.

But deep down, I envy those who do. There are lots of Disney experiences I know I will probably never sign up for, like parasailing, specialty tours, all-day spa packages, or wine tastings. The simple fact that I don’t even drink wine is beside the point. I like the idea of those things. I like the idea of date night atop the Contemporary Resort at the California Grill with no kids to worry about.

While my date night will wait until my last child has left for college in 7 years, you still have plenty of time to plan your date, right? Like to see Le Nouba and enjoy a meal at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant without a child dropping a corn dog in your lap?  Ever wondered what a night without kids will cost you at Disney?

And once you run the numbers, would you still be willing to pay the money?

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge offer supervised in-room child care. You can call for more info. at 407-939-7529 at Disney Itinerary Planning.  Childcare hours are from four until midnight. The price? $11.25 per child per hour, only for children ages four to twelve.

There is another in-room children’s program called Kid’s Nite Out . Describing themselves at “the preferred childcare provider of the Walt Disney World Resort and Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando,”  this baby-sitting service gives you the flexibility to go where you want on vacation and not worry about toting kids along with you. Kid’s Nite Out’s caregivers provide one-on-one childcare in the comfort of your hotel or resort room.

  • go to a meeting
  • out to dinner
  • go play golf
  • get a massage
  • gat manicure at a Disney spa
  • or maybe you just need a mother’s or father’s helper at the parks

Kid’s Nite Out care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. They also care for children with special needs.

How does this whole baby-sitter thing work? The Kid’s Nite Out website says their professional caregivers arrive at your hotel or resort room

  • wearing a signature purple polo shirt with the Kid’s Nite Out logo embroidered on the left side.
  • wearing a Kid’s Nite Out name tag and identification badge.
  • prepared with age-appropriate toys, activities, books, games, and arts & crafts. Advance reservations are recommended.

Kid’s Nite Out can book in-room childcare reservations up to 3 months in advance. Their reservation staff is available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

For more info, call 1-800-696-8105, extension 0, or visit the Kid’s Nite Out website.

What does Kid’s Nite Out In-Room Childcare Rates Cost?

  • One Child – $16.00 per hour
  • Two Kids – $18.50 per hour
  • Three kids – $21.00 per hour
  • Four kids – $23.30 per hour

For five or more children, please call their number at 1-800-696-8105.

So let’s do some quick math. Three kids with the Disney Cast Member in my hotel room is $33.75 per hour. For a dinner date at the California Grill, including the sitter for at least 3 hours, I’m looking at over $200 for the sitter and the meal.

You can save a little money per hour if you use Kid’s Nite Out service. The same 3 hour date with the Kid’s Nite Out sitter could cost about $175.

Now me? I’m going to take my chances with the kid’s Disney corn dog falling in my lap. But what about you? Have you Disney Moms ever hired a sitter you didn’t know at Disney World? Think you ever would?

Let us know what you think – yea or neh- so maybe I can vacation vicariously through you, because I just don’t see it in my cheep-skate future anytime soon.

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate

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