Counting down to your next Disney trip

Counting down to a Disney trip? How do you do it? We love our theme nights!

Every trip to Walt Disney World Resort means more than just another trip for my family. We have traditions. And our favorite tradition to countdown our trip is with weekly theme nights! My kids are now 12 and 10, and we began theme nights when they were 5 and 3. If it’s possible, they love it more now than they did when they were younger. I think they enjoy that they can really participate!

A minimum of 6 weeks before each vacation, we begin. I have been known to start 22 weeks out, but then — I’m crazy.  We start by picking out a Disney movie. How do we choose from so many? It depends! Will we be heading for a makeover at the Pirates League? If so, “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Peter Pan” are sure to make the cut. Are we staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge with a savanna view? “The Lion King” will certainly be on our list!  Maybe you scored a coveted lunch fast pass to Be Our Guest?  You can’t go wrong adding in a “Beauty and the Beast” night!

Once our movie is chosen, it’s time to find decorations. I know my way around a dollar store and there are some cheap Disney items that make great décor in a pinch. Tinkerbell table cloths and napkins, pirate flags, and a hand drawn pirate ship taped to the wall make a great beginning to a fun evening. There are so many options to be creative and you might surprise yourself with your own ingenuity!

Naturally, we dress up. And for our Peter Pan night, we invited over the neighborhood as long as they came in costume. Two pirates, Tink, and Tiger Lily made it to the party:

Peter Pan Theme Night

Peter Pan Theme Night

Somewhere, our dog was running around wearing a “Nana” tag!  Must not have gotten a picture of that, but it was cute!

Lastly, I plan the dinner…themed to the movie, of course! For Peter Pan, we went simple: pirate ship pizzas and fruit swords:

Dinner includes Pirate Ship Pizzas and Fruit Swords!

Dinner includes Pirate Ship Pizzas and Fruit Swords!

But don’t let my hum-drum menu stop you from being more culinarily-creative!  It’s always so much fun and a great way to celebrate our return to the Most Magical Place on Earth!

How do you countdown your next trip?

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