Cute and Comfortable Shoes for Your Disney Vacation!

The Disney Moms reader, Deborah, asks, “We’re taking our first trip to WDW next month, and I’m in a quandary about shoes. I really hate wearing tennis shoes/running shoes, as I typically dress in a casual skirt and t-shirt and it just looks (IMO) frumpy. However, I am terrified my feet will be KILLING me if I don’t wear at least a walking-type shoe. Any recommendations for an attractive, non-frumpy, walk-all-day sandal?”

I love this question!  I do not know how many vacations to Disney I took, walking around the park wondering how this person or that could come to the parks looking so great while I looked so frumpy.  I have seen stilettos, prom-style dresses and the like of people standing IN LINE for attractions!

Knowing I will be able to compete with these fashionistas, I began to focus on the shoe wear of those standing in line.  In fact, I even spoke with several people who were wearing shoes that looked comfy to see if they were in fact comfortable.  All of my research pointed to Keen Shoes.

Keen is notoriously famous for shoes that look like this.  B001QLLS4Y

Wait!  Don’t STOP reading!  I know that these are not the cutest of shoes. However, every SINGLE person I spoke to wearing these shoes LOVES them!  They offer these shoes for women, children and men.  The average cost is somewhere around $50 – $75.

Wanting comfort, but a good-looking shoe, I looked more into Keen’s products and found these shoes:


Since my inquiries with the other guests in line, I have purchased 5 pairs of Keens.  I wear them ALL day to the parks.  If I instead wear other shoes to the parks, I always take a “backup” pair for when my feet begin to hurt from the turmoil of walking miles a day.  Keen days are no “backup” days, as none are needed!

Check them out!  Really, they are wonderful shoes.  Thanks for writing in.  If you want your question answered by The Disney Moms, be sure to click on the “Ask a Question?” link.

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