Details of Hollywood Studios Baby Care Center

Baby Care Center – Hollywood Studios

Location within the park – Directly to the left as you walk in the park adjacent to the Guest Relations

Features – The Hollywood Studios Center has plenty of changing tables in the changing room,  two private rooms for nursing, a tiny potty (and I do mean tiny!) and a microwave.  In addition, paper bowls and plasticware are also available in the kitchen section.  The kitchen section includes a television, several chairs and high chairs.  In addition, the Centers sell a variety of baby foods, drinks, diaper needs and medicines.  Inquire at Customer Service for these needs.

Extra Information – This Center, unlike that located in the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, is not actively manned by a Cast Member.   I have visited these centers after my son was older (ages 2-4) for a quiet place for him to get away from the hustle and bustle of all of the park activities, if even for a few minutes.  We have even used the microwave that was available to heat macaroni and cheese for my son’s a hot lunch.  My son stayed entertained while I ready lunch by watching Disney cartoons on the television located right by the microwaves.  After lunch, he always feels so much better and is ready for more time out in the parks.  With this center being so quiet and unpopulated, there is no fear of disturbing other smaller children while having a short rest or meal.

Also note that there are no adult toilets in this center.  The tiny toilet pictured below is great for children or those who do not mind a toilet that is located approximately 8-12″ off of the floor.  The toilet in this facility (unlike most of them in other areas of Hollywood Studios) is NOT set up on automatic flush.  Many children find the automatic flush to be scary.  This one is perfect for that child!

Diaper Changing Area

Television/Kitchen Area

Tiny Toilet for Children

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