Did you Know About this Hidden Disney Fun?

One of the things that makes having Disney so much fun are all of the details.  Many times people find that they are running from one attraction to the other and they simply do not see the details.  If you spend some time looking at the details, you will find lots of exciting hidden Disney fun unexpected!

Right along Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, you will find a statue of Goofy.  You cannot miss him sitting on a bench seat right outside of the Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.  With top hat on, he is  waiting for you to sit down and take a photo with him.  Be sure to sit next to him the next time you are in the Magic Kingdom and get a great photo!  Be sure to listen carefully.  Sometimes,he even speaks to you!

Also, tucked away on Main Street is an Alley.  If you head down the Alley (found on the right as you walk from the entrance towards Cinderella Castle), you will find a variety of chairs and benches which are perfect for picnics or simply a short rest.  But if you find the windows shown below, you can hear the performances of dancers and singers as they take their lessons from within.  It is a nice extra touch added by Disney to bring more ambiance to the Alley!

Changing parks to Hollywood Studios, make your way to the back streets entitled the Streets of America.  Guests often simply rush through the Streets on their way to Lights, Motors, Action! and forget to take notice of the details found there. But on one corner across from the entrance to the Lights, Motors, Action! you will find this umbrella.  Stand under the umbrella for a cute photo.  Be sure to press the button so it rains and you can sing, Singing in the Rain!

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