Disney Cruising has unique character opportunities

There are many things that set the Disney Cruises Line apart from other cruise lines. The list would be a mile long if I listed everything but one of the most magical things that no other cruise lines can offer is the unique time available to spend with the Disney characters!

Spending time with the characters was easily mine and Lil’s favorite thing during our week long trip on the Disney Wonder this November! Any chance to see the characters is fun and exciting. The most common way to get a quick visit with the characters on board a Disney cruise is to check your daily Navigator (on board itinerary) to see when and where the characters will be. Just like at the parks, these lines can get long, so be prepared to wait with camera and autograph book at the ready for your few moments with the character you want to visit. On the cruise boat we waited in line to see Minnie, Donald (twice), Daisy, Lilo, Stitch and most importantly, Captain Hook!

Speaking of Disney family with Captain Hook on the Disney Wonder

Speaking of Disney family with Captain Hook on the Disney Wonder

Another great place to find the characters while on a Disney cruise is during the stop over at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay! This was easily our favorite place to see the characters in their special beach-wear. Lines were never long, the backgrounds were great for pictures and we even got a very unique moment with Mickey himself while on the island! Lil’ and I were walking around checking things out while husband was playing sand volleyball, when we stumbled across Mickey just sitting on a bench. People were just walking by him with the occasional wave, like you see Mickey Mouse everyday. I walked up to his handler and asked if Mickey was on a break? She said no, he was just waiting for someone special to visit with him. So Lil’ got to spend a while with Mickey in a place that you didn’t normally see Mickey. It was great and we both enjoyed the time we got with the mouse himself!

Spending some unique time with Mickey Mouse at Castaway Cay

Spending some unique time with Mickey Mouse at Castaway Cay

A few other ways to see the characters while on board is during special programs put on by the kids clubs, at the character dance parties and during the character breakfast that happens once during your cruise (may not be available on all cruise itineraries). The information for these events will be listed on your itineraries and personalized dining information found in your stateroom.

Something that is not on any itinerary… the special unique chance encounters that can be had with characters around the ship. We got one of these special coveted encounters with Goofy one night prior to dinner! Our family was walking from a lobby meet and greet to one of the restaurants for dinner. On our way we saw Goofy just walking along in one of the main halls. Lil’s face lit up! Goofy’s handler must have noticed because she walked over to Lil’ (now nearly age four) and asked if he wanted to take a silly walk with Goofy. It didn’t take but a split second for him to say yes, then Goofy grabbed his hand and off they went on their silly walk! It was a wonderful moment of time and all three of us had huge smiles on our faces!!!

Lil's walk with Goofy on the Disney Wonder

Lil’s walk with Goofy on the Disney Wonder

You may be able to see the characters in the parks but if your family is character crazy, a Disney cruise should be at the top of your list! They are everywhere and you can get unique opportunities on the cruise that you would hardly ever find in the parks, if ever.

Keep calm and Disney cruise on!!!

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