Disney Memory Maker As Your Personal Photographer

Have you ever wanted to be able to take a photographer along on a family vacation?  Just think of all of the photos that seem to be missing that key family member.  Usually it is us, moms, or dads. It is like we were missing from all of the fun, but in fact, without us there holding the camera, that moment would have never been captured.

Then there is the selfie.  You know the ones that are not quite framed well or in focus.  It takes about five tries to get one good photo.



Also good to know, you will no longer be allowed to bring your selfie sticks into the parks.  It has presented a very real hazard for guests on the rides and because of people not paying attention to what they are doing.

You are probably thinking that the price is just too high.  I mean $169 is definitely a lot of money.  I do not deny that!  However, we have used this service during the last two trips to Disney World, and oh how I wish that I would have used it during the trips before.  We would have had some really amazing photos of my mom that I will not be able to get now.  You see, when you look at it this way, the price is secondary.

Here is how it works.  One person in the party will be the designated Memory Maker Entitlement Holder.  This is the person that will be able to download all of the photos at no extra charge.  You just need to make sure that everyone in your party that is using the service is linked to you as a Friend or Family Member in My Disney Experience.  They should be able to “view and purchase your PhotoPass photos.”

Once the Memory Maker is purchased it is active.  Then once you actually start using it, it will expire in thirty days.  For example, if you purchase it on August 1st, but your trip is not scheduled until November 3rd, your first day will be that first day that you use the service on your trip in November.  Then it will last for 30 days.

Another thing that makes the Memory Maker special is the little extras that they do with the photos.  You can see in the photo below that you just never know what is coming up through the street until a little pixie dust is thrown on the photo.

Surprise in the street - Memory Maker

We probably took over 400 photos through Memory Maker, just in our last trip alone.  This is how you make it worth it.  Stop at every place that you see a Disney photographer.  It will pay off in the end with amazing family photos that you would not have otherwise.

Memory Maker Family Portrait  It's Tinker Bell!! - Memory Maker

Memory Maker has become a new standard in our Disney vacation planning: resort reservations, dining reservations, Fast Pass selections and Memory Maker.  You will not regret it.

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