Disney Resorts: Value versus Moderate

Should you stay in a Disney Value Resort or one of their Moderate Resorts?
After you have chosen the dates for your Walt Disney World vacation, one of your next big decisions is determining your Disney Resort. Many families planning their first trip to Walt Disney World ask me whether they should stay in a Value Resort or in a Moderate Resort. Since your resort choice could easily be one of the largest expenses, it is wise to consider how to best spend your Disney dollars.

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My family has stayed at all of the Value and Moderate Resorts, each of them offer unique Disney theming and outstanding service. Pop Century and Port Orleans – Riverside, however, are my go-to Value and Moderate resort choices. In the “pros column”, they both offer independent bus transportation to the parks – meaning their route typically does not include stops at other resorts. Since the Walt Disney World property has been compared to roughly the size of the city of San Francisco – this is an important factor – because it will save you time on your vacation. On your #Disney vacation, saving time equals saving money, since you are able to enjoy more of what the Disney Resort & Parks has to offer.  {Copy & Tweet this.}
When comparing the two resorts, Pop Century and Port Orleans – Riverside are each closer to two of the four main parks*, however, because Port Orleans – Riverside is closer to the Magic Kingdom Park, it wins for me in the location category. Those 10-15 minutes I save coming home to my resort after at a late night at the Magic Kingdom are magical to my weary feet. PO-R also offers several bus stops throughout the resort property (saving my family additional walking time from the bus to my room) versus the centrally located, front of the resort bus stop at Pop Century.
Does Room Size matter when determining if you should stay at a Disney Value or Moderate Resort?

Does Room Size matter when determining if you should stay at a Disney Value or Moderate Resort? Photo (linked for credit) courtesy TouringPlans.com

Does size matter? A moderate resort does give you a tad more floor space and sitting room. Depending on your family size and make up those few square feet may seem significant. Will you have the pack n play set up for a little one? Do you have teens who may pack one or two extra outfits and have a fuller suitcase (or an extra suitcase)? This ingenious photo factors in bathroom and closet space and outlines the room sizes for each resort category.
When choosing between a Value and Moderate resort, it is common for families to say “We won’t be in the room very much.” as a way to justify the idea that a smaller sized room will work for their family. And while that may be somewhat true, your resort offers you not only a room to sleep in, but the way to connect with the rest of the Disney property.

Port Orleans – Riverside Photo (linked for credit) courtesy ExploringWDW.


Amenities and resort extras are also part of the equation.
Pop Century offers larger than life iconic decor, while Port Orleans – Riverside is more laid back and quaint. The magic doesn’t end at the theme parks, it comes with you to the resort…it is just a matter of the ‘style’ of magic that appeals to your family.
Other amenities at Port Orleans – Riverside include hot tub/spa, bike rental, waterslide at pool, carriage rides, campfires, water ferry to Downtown Disney, marina rentals, larger variety of dining/food choices, including a table service restaurant.
Based on your personal vacation style, would you spend a few more Disney dollars for a Moderate Resort with a more convenient location, nicer furnishings, and better amenities?
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Pirate Mom Penny and her scout enjoying their first family visit to Walt Disney World.

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