Disney Traditions, Do you have any?

Spaceship Earth

On our last trip to Walt Disney World, one of our children pointed out that we always did The Great Movie Ride as our last ride at Hollywood Studios and we couldn’t possibly ride it any other time. This got me to thinking what other things we do that is a tradition.

Some of our traditions are:

  • We always get fudge at the confections store right before we leave the park. Then we bring the fudge back to the room and have a slice.
  • We always go on Spaceship Earth as our last ride at Epcot, just as we are going out of the park.
  • We have to get a soft pretzel at least once while we are at Walt Disney World.
  • We always have our kids pictures taken with the Mickey Mouse at the Shades of Green.

Do you have any traditions that you have to do while you are at Walt Disney World? If you don’t I would suggest that you start some traditions, you will make memories that your kids will enjoy every time they go to Disney.

Disney is the place where memories are made so go out there and make some family tradition memories of your own. I never realized that we had traditions until one of our kids pointed it out. Now that I know, those simple little traditions are important, I will have to incorporate them into the vacation plan.

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