Disney’s Inspiring Acts of Love and Charity

The Disney Moms is a site that helps parents plan amazing Disney vacations for their kids. As fans of the Happiest Place on Earth, the site recognizes the great efforts that Disney is putting on its philanthropic missions.

The Walt Disney Company continues to be one of the most admired companies in the world and for good reason. Not only does it put smiles on the faces of children that visit its theme park but also answers its social call by regularly giving back to the community. The company tries its best to leave a good legacy through programs that make lasting, positive changes to children and families.

According to the Charity Page of Disney, there are three types of charities that it prioritizes.

Children’s Hospitals

The company does this to bring hope to kids and their parents. Disney create experiences that can at least alleviate the suffering of kids, even for just a little, and provide support to them further through donations. Apart from visiting and donating to hospitals, Disney also aids charities that help children and families prepare for disasters, and support to communities impacted by natural calamities.

Disney also supports organizations that aid military families. Not all countries in the world are safe, and the myriad of charities that provide basic education and human needs to children living in war-torn countries, are proof of that. U.S. soldiers regularly get sent to foreign places to help the country’s allies, and Disney does all that it can to provide financial and emotional support to military families.


The world is already filled with pollution, and Disney seeks to protect the planet by aiding charitable groups who try their best to lessen the carbon footprint of humans. It supports grassroots conservation, and host programs that educate kids about building important core values.


Disney doesn’t only help sick children and charities that conserve the planet; it also seeks to harness the power of creativity and imagination of kids in order to leave a lasting legacy to the future generation. It promotes a hands-on approach to after school learning, provides storytelling sessions, and offers play times to communities that lack kid activities to the public.

Knowing that Disney supports a lot of good causes make visiting their theme park worth it. They make all kids, no matter the status, happy, and may they continue to do so for many more years to come.

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