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6 months and a few thousand dollars. That’s how long and how much it took to plan my family’s first magical trip to Walt Disney World. We enjoyed every minute of our vacation and like most Disney fans, we did not want our vacation to be over.

Fortunately, we had taken hundreds of personal photos. Plus a few hundred more were taken by the wonderful Photopass Photographers. I knew I wanted to create a memento or scrapbook for all of those Disney memories. Something enjoyable for my family and helpful to relive our vacation over and over again.

But where should I start?

Nicole, from, describes her post vacation dilemma like this…

“I’ve been pretty intimidated on how to tackle preserving those memories and photos in a scrapbook album… do I do a layout per day? Per ride? Per photo? Yikes! So, the photos have been just sitting on my hard drive, the memorabilia stuffed in a box, and lots of cute Disney scrapbooking embellishments remain in their packaging. ” Nicole


Perhaps you are overwhelmed like Nicole or just unsure how to begin the process of preserving your memories, here are 5 ideas to keep your Disney vacation memories alive:

  1. Digital Photo Frames – This is an easy, breezy way to display your photos. Some frames even have wireless technology, making it easy to send photos directly to the frame using Email or an iPhone/Android App. Perfect for your Memory Maker digital downloads. Personal Tip: I have copied many of our candid photos and our Photopass photos onto a single SD card. Our digital photo frame scrolls through all of the photos and we relive moments of our vacation every time we pass by.
  2. Photo Books – Create a photo book using Shutterfly or another online image company. Mom Endeavors shares her ideas for easy to make photo Disney books or find more quick tips here. Personal TipReady to start your own Disney Memory book, use this link for 20% off your order (valid until March 31, 2016).
  3. Framed prints or wall canvas prints – Turn your favorite candid or Memory Maker photos into a framed print or wall canvas. Personal Tip: I ordered a few canvas prints with a regular photo print order and I display them in a central area as we count down to our next Disney vacation.               
  4. Traditional scrapbook pages – Create your own Disney scrapbook with supplies from local or online hobby stores. Or work with professional scrapbook artists to develop a few personalized pages to commemorate your vacation. Search Etsy or eBay for premade Disney Scrapbook pages. Personal Tip: For my families first scrapbook, I worked with an eBay scrapbooker to create a personalized 30 page album. The expense was minimal compared to the cost of the vacation and the joy the album still brings as we look through all of the pages.
  5. Project Life  – Pocket style scrapbooking is fun and easy. Clear “pocket” pages are filled with a mix of photos, cute paper cards and memorabilia. If you prefer to scrapbook on the go, use the Project Life app to create quick pages using the photos on your mobile device while you are on vacation! Personal Tip: To include Disney inspired cards, download Project Mouse themed card bundles into Dropbox for quick access while creating your pages.

Choose one or more of these tips or use another creative idea, just choose to document your vacation memories!

I love the statement Project Mouse shares as their mission: To help you document the memories, details & stories of magical vacations with ease, speed, and artistry so you and your family are able to keep those moments in your hearts forever.


How does your family keep your Disney memories alive?

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