Don’t waste those snack credits

When planning your magical Disney World vacation package, one thing that most people have is the way to utilize the Disney dining plan. And one mistake newbies make is what to use these snack credits on. Well, rest easy folks, because I am here to let you in on some snacks that Disney doesn’t advertise in their brochure.

In the dining plan pamphlet you’ll get sent with your travel documents they list the following things as items to use your snack credit on: Frozen ice cream novelty, popsicle or fruit bar, single size box bag of popcorn, 12 oz Coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate, single size serving juice or milk, single whole piece of fruit, single size bag of chips or snack, 20 oz bottle of soda, water or fountain drink. Pro tip, Water from any place that has a soda fountain is free!

Now, while these are all nice suggestions, let me be the first to say you can totally do better and get something far yummier than a simple soda or popsicle. So, for starters, there is a really simple symbol you need to look for on menu boards. It looks like a small purple square box that had “DDP” in it. That will tell if the item is available to use your credit on. On your basic dining plan and quick service plan you’ll get 1 snack credit per person per day. The Deluxe dining you’ll get 2 snack credits. So enough of the basics lets get to the fun stuff, THE FOOD!

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to first look for a DDP symbol before you dismiss something will qualify, lets combine that with a few must do, but not widely known snack options at Walt Disney World theme parks.

One of my sons favorites has got to be the Dole pineapple soft serve (Dole Whip) inside the Magic KIngdom park at Sunshine tree terrace in Adventureland. You can actually choose between the citrus swirl,pineapple or plain vanilla. They also offer other nice slushie selections. Moving on to Tomorrowland you will find another family favorite and that is a MIckey shaped soft pretzel. Now, I know what you are thinking, a soft pretzel doesn’t sound like the great choices I described above. This pretzel though is large enough for at least 2 people to share (not that you’d want to) and its shaped like the main mouse himself! C’mon who wouldn’t wanna walk around the happiest place on earth with a huge pretzel in the shape of Mickey Mouses head?!


In addition to the Mickey pretzel you can also find some pretty yummy flavored regular shaped pretzels around the parks like the sweet cream cheese and jalapeno cheese and these are also a snack credit option.

Moving on to sweet items for those people who say “I’m on vacation, go big or go home” I would recommend the big pink doughnut we got inside Epcots world showcase at Jofferys. We are a family of 6 and I kid you not, everyone had a few bites. They come in chocolate and vanilla frosting as well and you’ll find  a Jofferys inside every park as well as ttc.


And since we’re in Epcot I might as well let you know if you are wanted to spend that credit in an unusal or well worth it way then this is park you’ll get that checked off. Go to the world showcase and get anything from a Cronut in Canada to a Ham and cheese croissant in France (quick brunch anyone?) to a delicious caramel in Germany or even the infamous School bread in Norway. In my family, we always hold onto our credits for our Epcot day because that’s where you are gonna be happy with your choices.

If you really do the research, using the snack credits to your advantage such as quick breakfast, or brunch items or a pick me up around lunch time you’re going to maximize your meal credits and enjoy some pretty yum-o options on the go. Just remember to look for he DDP symbol and most anything $5 and less is going to be a qualifying item.

I hope this helped getting you started on your snack credit planning, and not too hungry! So until next time happy eating and have a magical day!


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