Dressing for the Holidays at Walt Disney World

scarf 014My previous job at Walt Disney World often required me to work outside.  I can honestly tell you that there were times during the winter months that it got down right COLD!  One day while working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park I saw snow flurries!  If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World for the upcoming holiday season be prepared.  Check the weather forecast often while you’re preparing and packing for your journey to the sunshine state.  Here’s a no-sew, super fast, easy AND inexpensive craft idea that will help you shout out your love for Disney, pack lightly and also be prepared for any wind gusts while shopping at Downtown Disney.  All you’ll need to do is take an inexpensive basic fleece scarf, add a touch of Disney magic and you’ve got the perfect accessory to pack for a sudden temperature drop. Here’s how!

Gather up the following items:  a solid color fleece scarf that is prewashed, a pair of fabric scissors, fabric glue, a piece of paper and pencil, and a small square of fleece fabric that is a different color than your scarf. I found a light pink baby scarf at the Dollar Store that I used to cut up.

scarf 002To begin, using your paper and pencil, sketch a castle.  I’d suggest not making it too elaborate.  Remember that you’ll have to cut this out of your fleece square.  Once you’ve drawn your castle, cut it out of the paper and use it to trace the image onto your fleece scarf.

scarf 006

Cut the image out of the fleece using your sewing scissors.

scarf 007On the opposite side of your image, apply fabric glue.  I used Fabri-tac.  When applying the glue, try to outline the image and zip zag glue throughout.  There is no need to put on a large amount.  I was surprised how just a little bit goes a long way.  Once you’ve applied the glue, place the castle, glue side down in the bottom corner of your scarf.

scarf 010That’s it!  No sewing needed and it took literally five minutes to complete. The bottle says that once the glue has dried, the fabric can be washed. I haven’t tried washing it yet, so I can’t testify to the results.  I can only say that it dried beautifully.

If you and your family are spending the holidays at Walt Disney World, have a wonderful time, don’t forget your scarf and tell Mickey I said “Hi!”

 DSC_2169Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Amy from the blog, Mouse Ears Mom and now The Disney Moms!  I’ll be back again next month to share another Disney-Inspired Craft or Special Treat Idea.  If you liked this project and you’d like to see any more of my Disney-Inspired crafts, treats or parties, I’d love for you to visit my blog at www.mouseearsmom.com .

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