Meet Duffy the Bear!

Meeting the characters at the Walt Disney World resort is one of the highlights of traveling to the most magical place on earth. Our toddler, lovingly named Lil’, couldn’t wait to get his arms around Mickey, give Pluto a high five and get a kiss on the cheek from Minnie. On our first day at EPCOT, we headed over to the World Showcase to enjoy all that Mexico had to offer. During our stroll, we stumbled across a character Lil’ didn’t know but was interested to meet. I personally knew little about this character but I knew enough to explain to Lil’ that he was Duffy the Bear, he was Mickey Mouse’s bear. So, we waited in line as I watched Lil’ occasionally peer around the crowd to check out this life size teddy bear and answer questions about who Lil’ was about to meet.
We finally made it to the front of the line and after a moment of hesitation, Lil’ ran over and dove into a Duffy hug, nearly knocking the bear over. I don’t know what it was about Duffy, but Lil’ didn’t want to let that first hug go. We finally got him to turn for a picture with a new favorite. After leaving the line, we had to find out everything we could about Duffy the Bear. We knew the who, he is Mickey’s stuffed bear, but we didn’t know the how.
As the story goes, Mickey was alway traveling and missed his friends while away. One day, Minnie decided to make a stuffed bear to accompany Mickey on his travels and remind him of those who care about him back home. Mickey was thrilled to have this new gift and cheerfully took Duffy with him. Mickey and Duffy went on many adventures during their travels together, becoming good friends and helping Mickey cope with being homesick.
Along with being about to meet Duffy the Bear at EPCOT, you can also take home your very own Duffy the Bear (available in multiple sizes, prices vary), buy your new friend clothes, purchase the storybook of Duffy the Bear and more. One size Duffy bear even fits many of the Build-a-bear brand clothing, so the options go beyond the park.
Moments after leaving our meeting of Duffy the Bear, Lil’ had to have his own. Our little boy has never been one to enjoy stuffed toys but for some reason, he really wanted Duffy. We purchased it for him and our Duffy visited several parks while on our trip this past fall and has been snuggled with every night when Lil’ goes to bed. Duffy is a true friend to Lil’ and it is heart warming to see him enjoy a toy so much!
So, next time you visit the Walt Disney World resort, stop by the Duffy pavilion at EPCOT to meet Mickey’s bear and give him a hug! You might just find a new favorite too!


Jordan is a stay-at-mom to an energetic 2 1/2 year old son, lovingly nicknamed Lil’ for blogging purposes and wife to her wonderful high school sweetheart, nick named Husband. Jordan has been a long time Disney fan both at home and visiting the parks throughout her childhood, as a teen, adult and recently for the first time, as a mom. Jordan is excited to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies at The Disney Moms! See more of Jordan’s writing on her blog, Speaking of Disney.

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