Enjoy a world of festive fun AND savings! Unique Offer Codes are back

Have you visited Disney World in the last couple of years? If so, you may have an irresistible offer waiting for your family!

Disney is inviting families back by sending out Unique Offer Codes for this fall and holiday season. Unique Offer Codes are exclusive for the recipient and non-transferable, however, you CAN book multiple rooms under one offer.

Think you might have missed an offer, complete the info below and I can check and see if you have a code on file.

Not sure what a Unique Offer Code is? Read on…

At any given time, Walt Disney World Resort and Parks may have two to a dozen discounts and promotions available for published travel dates. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which is the best value for your family. One rarely discussed and often overlooked discount is Disney’s Unique Offer Code.

Do you have a Disney Unique Offer Code?

Disney’s Unique Offer Codes are randomly emailed or mailed to Guests several times throughout the year. Often times, these offers are forgotten or missed in the mass amount of email most families receive on a daily basis. Disney keeps a record of these Unique Offers on file and one quick phone call may reveal a savings offer/discount for your upcoming vacation.

Unique Offer codes are not public offers. The savings (i.e. “Save up to 30%” or “Get a Free Dining Plan”) may look similar to the public offers, but the allotment of these rooms are separate from the public offers and may include a different date range or requirements.

They are only available to a select group of guests. In order to take advantage of the savings, you must use the Unique Offer Code (frequently referred to as a Pin Code) included in the mailing AND be the recipient of the offer – your address/email must be verified with the one Disney has on file (other conditions may apply). Multiple rooms may be booked using the same offer code.

As a Disney Destinations travel planner, I always look for the best discount for my clients and this includes checking for a Unique Offer Codes for them. During promotional discount periods, when many packages may not eligible for the current offer, I have saved clients thousands of dollars by using their unique code.

Have you checked to see if your family has a unique offer code available?


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