Epcot IS for Younger Children

Have you heard this before? “Epcot is just for older kids and adults.”

It’s a popular misconception among parents of young children, but I couldn’t disagree more!

Many parents of young children are worried that their kids will not enjoy Epcot as much as the other theme parks. While it’s true that Epcot does have a lot of experiences that make it appealing for adults and older kids, it would be a mistake to assume that little ones won’t enjoy their day here as well.


One of the reasons many parents think Epcot won’t be as enjoyable for younger kids is that there aren’t as many rides in this park as there are in the Magic Kingdom. Many attractions are just perfect for your little ones to enjoy at Epcot!

Here are some of the top attractions for younger guests:

Spaceship Earth, the giant geosphere that dominates the entrance to the park, is a slow-moving ride that takes you through scenes showing how communication has developed over time. It’s dark, cool, and calming… a perfect mid-day break for little ones who need a rest. It’s also an ideal ride for nursing moms who want a relaxed and private place to feed the baby!

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is always a favorite for the younger crowd! Board a clamshell for this slow-moving ride following Nemo along on his under-seas adventures. You’ll see favorite characters from the movies as well as real-life sea creatures from the Living Seas exhibit.

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Frozen Ever After is Epcot’s newest ride. Any young Frozen fans will love this boat ride to Arendelle featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and other characters from the movie. They’ll enjoy seeing Elsa use her magical powers to make it snow during the hottest part of the year. Given the popularity of the film, this attraction can have exceptionally long lines so be sure to grab a FastPass+ reservation if you’ve got a little Frozen fan!

Soarin’ Around the World has a 40” height requirement, but for those who are tall enough, it’s not to be missed! This simulated motion ride feels like you are flying over scenic locations from all around the world. It’s important to note that the ride does lift you fairly high off the ground (you are securely buckled into a seat with armrests and a high back) so it may be frightening for children with a fear of heights. Soarin’ is one of the parks more popular attractions so plan to use a FastPass+ reservation or expect an extended wait in line.

Test Track also has a 40” height requirement, but this mild thrill ride is a favorite of lots of kids. You’ll have a chance to design your own virtual car and then see how it would fare in the different maneuverability challenges as your ride vehicle goes through them too. You’ll go over bumpy pavement, quick stops, turns, and then the highlight of the ride is a zip around the building in a banked turn at about 60 mph. Kids can be seated next to Mom and Dad and are, of course, securely buckled in. It’s a great introductory thrill ride!

Remember, it’s not all about the rides!

There’s a lot more younger kids are sure to enjoy. Check back soon as we will explore all Epcot has to offer…

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