Exciting news from the UK

So far we have looked at various general ways to book things/exchange money etc. when you are embarking on a holiday to WDW and you live in the UK.  I have given you examples of the way I have done things in the past and other various options that I know of.

These blog pieces have so far been written with a heavy heart as although we have a 3 day trip coming up in June to Disneyland Paris, it was going to be a long time until our next visit to the place where my heart truely lies, Florida.

However … without going into too much detail, we have recently had one of those ‘you only live once’ moments and thought ‘what the heck, let’s go crazy and go to Walt Disney World’ … and we have done just that!!!

We have booked through a well known UK Travel Agent, but on their website rather than in the shop.  As this is a very last minute trip (for us anyway) it also has to be a real budget trip, so doing it ourselves on the web will have saved a few pennies.

We are flying directly from London Gatwick to Sanford in Ecomony and picking up a hire car there.  The car came ‘free’ with the holiday package but we have upgraded it to Mid Size from Economy and paid for Fully Inclusive insurance.

We are staying at The Clarion Inn in Lake Buena Vista for 2 weeks which is right on the doorstep to WDW but half the price.  It takes 5 or 10 minutes to drive to the parks and you can even walk to Down Town Disney should you wish to.

I have already emailed the hotel directly to request a ground floor (thinking of safety with a 2 year old) and a car park facing room which ought to be quieter than one facing the I4.

We are over the moon at being able to go back 2 year before we thought we’d be able to. Tink will be 2 years and 8 months and will hopefully be able to cope with a 9.5 hour flight, 5 hour time differnce and 80 degree heat …

We have agreed to just do Disney this trip as it’ll save money and time.  Each day will involve getting up early to the parks, then doing everything at Tinks pace.  As we know we are returning in 2014 with Hubbys parents still, we are not in any rush to ‘do everything’.  The whole point of this surprise trip is to enjoy spending time together as a family, and we could not think of anywhere better to do just that than our Happy Place.

We have already purchased our 14 Day Ultimate Tickets (unlimited access to all parks) directly from Disney. We have also already exhanged some Pounds into Dollars and put them into an envelope.  These will pay the $14 parking fee each day.  As we don’t have a full year or more to save this time, this is a great way to tick things off your to-do list and not stress as much about having enough funds.

At the moment I am busy planning the 3 days in DLP as well as 14 at WDW.

Last time we were in Florida I was pregnant with Tink and pretty sick with it.  In fact, I ended up in Celebration Hospital on our last day.  So it’ll also be nice for me to exorcise those demons.  And, eat my own body weight in Main St Bakery (in the Magic Kingdom) Cinnamon Rolls of course 😉

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