Feeding the Kids on the Disney Dining Plan

When you purchase the Disney Dining Plan (or receive it free as part of the Magic Your Way package during the Free Dining Plan promotion going on through May 18, 2012!), there are some restrictions when it comes to feeding the kids:

  • Babies and Young Toddlers: Disney does not generally allow you to bring outside food into the parks. They do make an exception for bottles and containers of baby food. If your child has not yet begun to eat regular solid food, you can simply bring their food with you to the restaurant and feed them as you would at home.
  • Older Toddlers Under 3 Years: You cannot purchase the Disney Dining Plan for children under three years old. However, toddlers who eat regular solid food can share with an adult for no extra charge. Your server will be happy to bring you an extra plate for your little one. You also have the option of purchasing a kids’ meal out-of-pocket.
  • Children 3-9 Years Old: Children under 10 must order from the kids’ menu where one is available. Disney’s kids’ menus feature the typical hot dogs and chicken nuggets at most restaurants. Some restaurants also include themed dishes or smaller portions of popular items from the adult menu, for the aspiring foodie.
  • Children 10 Years and Older: Older kids and teenagers must order from the adult menu. Since your Key to the World Card acts as your meal plan card, older kids can eat on their own if your family decides to separate for part of the day.

When our family visited Walt Disney World with our 2, 5, 6, and 8 year olds we had no problem keeping everyone fed on the Disney Dining Plan. We simply made sure that one of the adults ordered something our toddler would eat as well. Since each adult table-service meal includes an appetizer, we often ordered one our toddler would enjoy – like fresh vegetables and dip – as her meal. Not sure whether to purchase the Disney Dining Plan for your family? Check out my pro-con list over at Return to Disney!

2 comments for “Feeding the Kids on the Disney Dining Plan

  1. Renae
    4 April, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Love that I’ve found your blog. It’s been an entertaining read today! We visit WDW once or twice every month and love every minute!

    However, Disney (at least Disney World!) doesn’t care either way if you bring your own food into the park. 😉 While we never do, I’ve seen MANY guests pack food and eat throughout the parks. You just need to look over which cooler containers are allowed in.

  2. 6 April, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Thanks for the correction! I could have sworn they only allowed outside food for babies and people with special diets, but I just double-checked Disney’s website and you’re right.

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