Food Allergies at Disney.

My oldest son was diagnosed with a severe tree nut allergy when he was just two years old. Because food allergy reactions can come on quickly and can be life threatening, we choose to read food labels on everything we eat at home and are pretty particular about what he comes into contact with in the “real world.” In the beginning, the idea of eating anywhere but home was SO overwhelming. We have learned, though, what’s ok and what isn’t, but we still take a risk anytime anyone prepares something for us.

Dealing with food allergies at Disney World was SUCH a pleasant experience. When I made our dining reservations one of the questions I was asked was if there were any food allergies. I just had to check which allergies we were dealing with and I was asked to share this with the host when we checked in. So simple!

When we checked into Tony’s {our first dining experience at Magic Kingdom}, I was surprised when the hostess noted that my son had an allergy. I knew I’d put that in, but I also knew I’d been asked to mention it. The hostess told me that she’d let our server know, too. The server immediately asked who had the allergy, what allergies we were dealing with, and gave us the rundown of things on the menu that were safe for him and things we DEFINITELY needed to stay away from. AND THEN he asked the chef to come by the table just to confirm what was safe and what was definitely off limits. We’d been told Disney knew what they were doing, but it still made my husband and I feel so much better about our vacation!


Later in the day at Magic Kingdom we stopped for a snack at the ice cream cart next to The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. My husband inquired about the ingredients in a Mickey ice cream bar. He just asked to see the back of a wrapper but the cast member working pulled out a huge book and flipped through it until he found what we were looking at. Excellent.


The next day we spent our time at Animal Kingdom and our lunch reservation was for Tusker House. {As a side note, Tusker House is one of my FAVORITE restaurants. The characters are fantastic, it’s fun, and the food is delicious!} Because Tusker House is a buffet, the chef walked with us around the entire buffet line, telling us what each item was, but also pointing out things that our son should not eat. The desserts were the hardest part {they always are!}, but even there we found something he could have!


Our final day was back at Magic Kingdom and we had lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. Our experience was much the same! The server asked about our specific allergies and then sent the chef out to tell us what would be safe.

Our Disney dining experiences were awesome because they go above and beyond in order to accommodate all kinds of people! They absolutely made us feel at ease about eating away from home.

Lauren is a wife to a fantastic husband and a mom to two very busy little boys – ages two and four. When she’s not chasing after her boys, she enjoys reading, cooking, and trying to convince her husband they need to plan their next vacation. Lauren blogs all about their adventures over at A Page Is Turned.

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  1. Melinda
    2 April, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    I completely agree. We talked with our servers at both buffets and made to order meals and everyone was so accommodating and helpful. We even had help at our resort when looking for an evening snack. My son has fatal tree nut allergies as well, but he is a chocolate lover. We found that the prepackaged “gluten free” brownies have no nuts. We are so looking forward to our trip in October and my son is excited that he is in on the dining planning this trip.

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