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Well, it’s back. The most coveted of all Disney discounts; free dining. You can now book your vacation and eat for free which is a pretty good deal. Here are the catches. Free dining is only available for check in dates between September 2 and September 25, 2013 which means many families with school aged children are going to have to miss this deal or miss school.

Running concurrently with the free dining promotion, is a room discount offer that will save guests up to 30% off of their rooms at select resorts. If the free dining offer does not work for you this may be a great alternative. In fact, for some families at certain resorts the room discount may be a better deal than the free dining offer so make sure you check both options.

With the free dining offer guests staying at value resorts will receive the quick service plan free of charge. This plan includes 2 quick service meals and one snack per guest per night of their stay. It will also include a resort refillable mug for each guest. Guests staying in moderate or deluxe resorts will receive the Disney dining plan free of charge. This plan includes 1 quick service meal, 1 table service meal, and one snack per person per night plus a resort refillable mug.

Guests staying at value resorts can upgrade to the regular dining plan if desired, which still makes for a nice savings!

Now, here are a few thoughts

1. Plan ahead. Make your reservations as soon as you book to get the restaurants you desire. You can make reservations up to 180 days prior to your stay and we are well within that window for September travelers.

2. Do not waste your credits. They may be free but a $2.50 water is still not a good way to use a snack credit! Use your snack credit for the $4.50 cupcake at the bakery!

3. Research the menu’s before hand so you have an idea of where you want to eat. Since the food is free, go ahead and order the steak!

4. Not all quick service meals are created equal. You can get a delicious croque monsieur sandwich with pomme frittes at Be Our Guest for the same credit you will spend on a so-so burger at Pecos Bills. Think before you spend your credits!

5. Think outside of the box. Try a restaurant or dining experience you have not had before. Since it is free you won’t feel as bad if you are disappointed, but imagine how elated you will be when the restaurant far exceeds your expectations. Some less popular but wonderful choices include: Tusker House, Grand Floridian Cafe, Cape May Cafe,and Trails End Restaurant.

Did you get to take advantage of free dining?

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