Free Shutterfly Book for your Disney Vacation Photos is now offering a free 8 X 8 photo book for FREE!  All you will need to do is pay the shipping costs.  I recently uploaded the photos from my summer vacations to Disney World and other places and decided to use the FREE book to make my son a book for a Christmas present.  I had made one for him after a trip to Washington D.C. and he really loves and appreciates it.  This will be a great gift that he will keep long after he has given away all of those toy gifts he will also get!

Snapfish Book

To get your book for the cost of shipping, follow these steps:

1.  Log in to or sign up for Shutterfly by clicking here.

2.  Add all the photos you want to use in the photo book.

3.  Create your 8 x 8 photo book!

4.  Use code FREETREAT to take advantage.

The photo above is of the Disney book.  This does cost about $6 more but I felt it was so worth it for the adorable features!

Enjoy your inexpensive and life-long souvenir!

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