Fun things to do with kids before your trip to Disney

You have made the decision to go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland and you made your reservations. You are all excited to go, but you realize you have many days to go till you actually arrive at your destination. Now adults can contain themselves a little more than kids can, so what can you do to help them with the waiting. Here are some ideas that you can do to help those special kids in your life to get ready for their magical vacation.

  • Make a countdown calendar. There are several ways to make a countdown calendar such as here. Kids love to see how much longer they have till they leave for vacation. Some adults have just as much fun as the kids seeing how much longer they have till vacation. Let your kids help make the calendar and have them help with changing it.
  • Watch Disney Movies. We love watching Disney movies several weeks before we leave on vacation. It helps us get us in the mood.
  • Make an autograph book. Most kids like to have an autograph book that the characters can sign, why not make one or let your kids help make on.
  • Have a going away party to get into the mood. Why not have a going away party with a special dinner and treats to celebrate your trip. You could even have some Disney inspired decorations.
  • Have the kids help with planning. Have your kids tell you what they would like to do so that you can incorporate that into the touring plan. We usually have the kids tell us what their favorite must do rides are and then we are able to plan to do those rides.
  • Watch any planning or travel videos you may have. We like to watch to Disney planning DVD as well as a few travel DVD’s on Disney World so that the kids are familiar with some of what Disney has to offer.

So now that you have some ideas to help get your kids involved with your Disney trip, be sure and plan some of them into the time leading up to your Disney vacation.

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