Gluten Free Eating at Disneyland

So as some of you might know my name is Sheila Fretz and I am a gluten free cook and Mom  who loves Disneyland. There are many reasons why I love the Disney experience especially when it comes to food. Most Disneyland restaurants always have one or two options for an entree and a dessert; which I totally love! I always tell all of my gluten free eaters to always stop at City Hall when entering Disneyland and get the latest and greatest list of gluten free options at the restaurants then make your reservations.

So the other Day Miss J wanted a hot Dog so I looked at my gluten free options list and it said that The Carnation Café had Gluten Free Buns and Hot Dogs. They were yummy and fabulous.

The next time you are at Disneyland go to City Hall and get this list. It really helps a lot because when you know what your options are you to can make those reservations a head of time. As I understand, this list gets updated every month or so. I always tell my readers to check back about every five weeks or so this way you have the most current gluten free options available at Disneyland.  Also one last tip you will need to let the restaurant know while making a reservation, please inform the reservation Cast Member of the food allergy or intolerance and they will notate the food allergy or intolerance on the reservation. You can always  make a reservation by calling (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463.

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