Great Disney Halloween Costume Ideas by our Readers

About a month ago, we asked for you to send in photo of your costume ideas.  These are just so adorable!  I hope you enjoy these!

Shannon sent in this adorable picture of her daughter dresses as a to go box of Chinese food!  Great use of a box and some paint!

Amy-Rivera Alvarez sent in this great photo of her husband and the handmade Incredible costume!  Keep up with the sewing!

Lana handmade this Aladdin costume.  I think the younger Aladdin in the picture is much more cute!

Lana also sent in this adorable photo of Cruella de Ville.  That is right I said it, adorable and Cruella de Ville in the same sentence!

Shannon sent in this great photo of her daughter dressed up like Chinese take out!  She added that this is a cheap and easy costume to make.  I love how she topped off the costume with chop sticks in her daughter’s hair!

Lori sent in the three Haunted Mansion ghosts photo.  The costumes are great and look like a lot of fun!

Kelli sent in this great photo from Disney World of her daughter dressed as Snow White.

Thank you all again for sending in such great photo and costume ideas for everyone!  If you missed out on sending in your picture, please email it to contact (at)

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