Having fun while Resort hopping

The Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort


Have you ever thought to go looking at other resorts while you are at Disney World? I must admit I never thought about it until  a few years ago. We usually stay at the same resort every time we go, but we like to go see what the other resorts have to offer. We like to go see the resorts on the Monorail loop because it is easy to get to and you can ride the monorail from one to another.

What are some things that you can see at the different resorts?

This last trip we decided to check out Fort Wilderness and found some interesting things while we were there. We saw the horse stables. They had horses inside the stable as well as some white horses in an area outside that you can walk through. Our daughter really enjoyed seeing the horses here. There is also a place where you can go horseback riding at.


Horses at the stables in the Fort Wilderness Campground

At Christmas time you can see the resorts all decorated for Christmas with their Christmas trees. At the Grand Floridian you can also see a giant gingerbread house. Then at the Contemporary you can see a gingerbread Christmas tree.

The Grand Floridian Resort

The gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian

If you go over to the value resorts you can see some of the larger than life icons.

Every resort has its own theme so you can see something different at each one.

So if you get a chance in your busy Disney schedule be sure and check out some of the resorts on Disney property. I am sure you will enjoy it. A word of caution, if you have younger children don’t go resort hopping  for more than a few hours or you might have some unhappy campers on your hands.

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