Hey Disney Moms! Here’s the ONE Thing You Need to Really Enjoy Your Vacation

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.com

I’ve spent a lot of time walking through the Disney parks, and I’ve come to one big conclusion. I don’t care how much fun I am having riding roller coasters and seeing shows, I need a nap to get through the day, and you Disney Moms, so do you.

To see everything and ride every ride in every park besides Animal Kingdom, it will almost certainly take more than a day. Animal Kingdom has a smaller feel, but during busy times of the year, the waits can prevent you from seeing everything even there. If you probably can’t see an entire park all in one day anyway, give yourself time for a nap.

I’m a numbers gal, and I wear a pedometer on vacations. I walk 10 to 12 miles each day at Disney, and one crazy day two years ago, between checking into hotels and staying up late, my entire family walked 21 miles that one day.  It was brutal. I seriously doubt anyone can walk the parks in under six or seven miles a day. You will be tired by lunch. Your kids, especially in the hot Florida summers, will be tired by lunch. The younger they are, the more exhausted they will be. Go back to your hotel, take a swim if it’s pleasant out, and take a nap. Make your kids take a nap too. You might even want to have Dad rest for a little while- he’s not Superman, after all.

Kids aren’t big nappers? Turn off the room lights and have them lay quietly. Maybe they’ll fall asleep from sheer exhaustion. If your child hasn’t taken a nap since they were 18 months old, like my middle child, turn on the TV softly and close your eyes. The best that can happen is you’ll all fall asleep and wake up ready to take on the parks that afternoon. If the worst that happens is you get some rest, well, that’s not such a bad deal either.

A Disney vacation can create memories that last a life time, but I have found the absolute most important part of my Disney day to be a nap. Let the Disney Moms know if you have any other “must-dos” to make your Disney vacation run smoothly.

5 comments for “Hey Disney Moms! Here’s the ONE Thing You Need to Really Enjoy Your Vacation

  1. 28 March, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    I’m on board with this!

    • 28 March, 2012 at 2:58 pm

      Sing it ststa! I just woke up from my spring break nap. Too bad you can’t take naps at work. Thanks for stopping by. Amanda

  2. 28 March, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    We aren’t Disney World nappers. My kids do nap in their stroller, but we have always just pushed through. I have children that will fall asleep the minute they’re on the bus or in the car so to leave, have them fall asleep, and wake up as soon as we get back to the hotel doesn’t work for us. We live within four hours driving distance so we don’t kill ourselves while we’re there, but we definitely stay and enjoy every minute while we can! It’s never bitten us before.

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