Hidden Disney Fun in the Magic Kingdom with the Sword in the Stone

I recently asked my fans over on the Meet the Magic Facebook fan page to share a magical Disney moment they had experienced. All of the comments were heartfelt and nice to read, but one by Courtney Johnston really left me baffled:

My 9 year old sister pulled the sword from the stone this past December:)

Knowing Disney World quite well, I quickly thought of the spot in the Magic Kingdom park where you can find the Sword in the Stone. If you have not seen the Sword, you can look for it between Cinderella’s Golden Carousel and Cinderella’s Castle.

If you have stood close to the Sword in the Stone for long, you will quickly notice that this is a frequented location of guests posing for photos. In fact this past year, I decided to have my sister take one of these photos of myself attempting to pull the Sword from the Stone. Here is the photo, which (I KNOW) is terrible… perhaps it was taken at a bad angle..

It was not until I read Courtney’s comment on the Facebook page that I had ever heard the Hidden Disney Fun found within the Sword in the Stone! Not knowing anything about the Sword actually being able to be removed from the Stone, I began to research.

Here is what I found out (spoiler alerts…):

The Magic Kingdom housed a Sword in the Stone Ceremony in Fantasyland, which began in 1994 and ended on August 15, 2006. The show began with the entrance of the grand Merlin who would command a surrounding audience. Merlin would choose a guest from the audience to be a “Temporary Leader of the Realm”. The guests chosen were typically small children who were asked to attempt to pull the Sword from the Stone. Once the Sword had been pulled from the Stone, the “Temporary Leader” would then be deemed with a crown and the King’s robe. Some guests reported that they were also awarded with a metal for their noble deeds!

Since the close of the Ceremony, the Sword in the Stone remains in the same location. Daily, guests work to pull the Sword from the Stone. Most are not able to pull the Sword, but sometimes, just sometimes, the Sword does release from the Stone. My research was unclear as to exactly how the release of the Sword takes place. Some speculate that in rooms on the second story of Fantasyland, Cast Members have fun pushing a release button which allows guests the opportunity to pull the Sword from the Stone. Others believe that a Cast Member walking amongst the guests uses a remote control to release the Sword.

Regardless of how the process takes place, I am amazed to find out that the Sword actually releases from that Stone!

Do you know some Hidden Disney Fun? Please share it here for everyone!

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