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Port Orleans Resort Riverside

The Christmas Tree at Port Orleans Riverside.

Do you love Disney so much that you actually incorporate some Disney items into your Christmas decorating? Our family loves Disney and we have added some Disney Christmas decorations to our collection over the years. Most of our Disney decorations are in the form of ornaments for our tree. We actually have so many Disney themed ornaments that we have said we almost need to have a separate tree for all our Disney ornaments and call it our Disney tree.

So where have we gotten all our ornaments from over the years. We have gotten some from Disney World when we go on vacation. You can always find Christmas decor at the Disney’s Days of Christmas store at Downtown Disney. The last several trips we have tried to buy at least one ornament for our tree, but a lot of times we left with more than one.


An ornament from the Disney’s Days of Christmas store.

You can also get Christmas ornaments near your home at any local store that sells Christmas decorations. This is where we have found several of our ornaments.

Then there is your local Disney Store. This is where we have bought the bulk of our ornaments over the last several years. Our store usually has a special on them and so I buy different ones that the kids are interested in. Such as Cars for our son and princesses for our daughter. We have found that if you see a particular ornament at the Disney Store and want it, you had better go ahead ad buy it or it might not be there when you come back for it.


One of our ornaments from the Disney Store.

Several years ago we surprised our family and went to Disney World in December to see the Christmas decorations. This was a trip that I looked forward to for so long and it meant so much to us that I made sure that I bought a special ornament to remember that trip. Now when we decorate the tree and put up that special ornament I remember our special trip to Disney World at Christmas time.


Our special ornament from our trip.

I have even made some homemade ornaments using the guide maps from our trip. I put the date that we went to that particular park on the back of the ornament to remember when we went to that park.


One of our homemade Christmas ornaments.

How about you, Do you incorporate some Disney items into your Christmas decorating? If you do, we would love to hear about it.

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